WhatsApp Web – Web.whatsapp.com | How to connect WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is one of the most used online instant messaging social media application service for mobile and also PC user. With a new feature called Whatsapp web. This service was found and released in 2009 by Brian and Jan Koum. But it was later sold to Facebook for US$19.3 billion… Read More….

Whatsapp.com – Whatsapp App | Www.whatsapp.com Download

Whatsapp.com - Whatsapp App | Www.whatsapp.com

Whatsapp is one of the best mobile messaging app. It is just like an alternative to BBM. Its use for sending short mobile messages. The difference between whatsapp and BBM messenger is, BBM make use of Pin as user ID why this messaging app make use of Mobile phone number. With… Read More….