Affordable Gaming Laptops Priced Below $1k

Affordable Gaming Laptops Priced Below $1k

I'm aiming for the top budget gaming laptop of 2023 after testing three this year, and all of them are under $1,000. Affordable Gaming Laptops...
Disney Plus’ Win or Lose Series Release Delayed

Disney Plus’ Win or Lose Series Release Reportedly Delayed By Disney

Disney Plus’ Win or Lose animated series release date was reportedly delayed by Disney. The first ever streaming series from Pixar is still very...
43 Spooky Halloween Classic Movies of the 90s to Watch

43 Spooky Halloween Classic Movies of the 90s to Watch

Halloween is a celebration that is observed in so many countries and to celebrate it in an amazing we will be stating 43 Spooky...
Netflix Releases Trailer for Creature

Netflix Releases Trailer for Its New Project Creature

Netflix releases a trailer for its new project Creature. The project looks very much like a Frankenstein movie thriller movie that leans well into...
Roku Spiderwick Chronicles

Roku Reportedly Snaps Up the TV Adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles

Roku reportedly snaps up the TV adaptation of the Spiderwick Chronicles from Disney Plus. This news is coming just after Disney Plus reportedly dropped...
Daredevil: Born Again Debut 2025

New Leak Suggests That Daredevil: Born Again Will Not Debut Until 2025

New leak suggests that Daredevil: Born Again will not debut until the year 2025 on Disney Plus. The TV shows from Agatha and Ironheart...
Netflix Series from Stranger Things Director

The Next Netflix Series from Stranger Things Director Is a World War II Epic

The next Netflix series from Stranger Things director is a World War II epic that might eventually leave an impression on viewers. It is...
Netflix New Crime Thriller

Netflix Releases Trailer for Its New Crime Thriller from the Team behind Narcos

Netflix releases a trailer for its new crime thriller from the team behind Narcos. If it is that you loved Narcos, then this new...
Apple Silo Second Season

Apple Has Renewed Silo for a Second Season

Apple has renewed Silo for a second season. With the post-apocalyptic how from Apple set to wrap up the first season on June 30th,...
Netflix’s Witcher Season Five

Netflix’s Witcher Season Five Confirmed

Netflix’s Witcher season five is confirmed. And away from all that (Witcher season 5), the third season of the globally acclaimed series will start...
Netflix Trailer for Skull Island

Netflix Drops Trailer for Its Animated Series Skull Island

Netflix drops trailer for its animated series skull island and it is a complete titan-filled terror. The trailer shows King Kong as just one...
Netflix Users to Save Show

Netflix Users Clamming Together To Save A Show from Cancellation

Netflix users clamming together to save a show from cancellation - Fans of Shadow and Bones are at the moment juicing up the figures...
Peacock Trailer for Twisted Metal

Peacock Drops First Trailer For Twisted Metal

Peacock drops the first trailer for Twisted Metal and it has cars, guns as well as a creepy clown. And with all of that...
Netflix Witcher Season 3

Netflix Reveals Date for Witcher Season 3

Netflix reveals the date for Witcher season 3 and streaming is set to kick off in June. The season as you should know will...
Galaxy Quest TV Series

Galaxy Quest Could Reportedly Be Getting A TV Series

Galaxy Quest, one of the best Star Trek movies could reportedly be getting a TV series. Deadline has just recently reported that Paramount Plus...
Peacock Trailer for The Continental

Peacock Drops First Trailer For The Continental

Peacock drops the first trailer for The Continental and it takes the John Wick series all the way back to the ‘70s. The prequel...
Penguin’s Newly Released Teaser

Penguin’s Newly Released Teaser Reveals Gotham’s New King

Penguin’s newly released teaser reveals Gotham’s new king. The just-released teaser brings back Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot in a new behind-the-scenes production for...
Harry Potter Series on Max

Harry Potter is Finally Getting a Series on Max           

Harry Potter is finally getting a series on Max after a 10-year-long wait. A new cast different from the popular cast will however star...
Game of Thrones Prequel

Game of Thrones Is Set For Yet Another Prequel

Game of Thrones is set for yet another prequel, and the plot of this one sounds very much familiar. A Knight of the Seven...
Star Wars: Ahsoka

Star Wars: Ahsoka to Begin Streaming Soon

Star Wars: Ahsoka is to begin streaming soon, August 2023 to be precise. You can now get a first look at the spinoff with...