Netflix Is Set To Turn Two More Harlan Coben Novels into Series

Netflix is set to turn two more Harlan Coben novels into series as the Fool Me Once series proves to be a hit with viewers. If you are a Coben fan out there, there is great news for you. Run Away and Missing You are now the two next thrillers to get the Netflix treatment.

Netflix Harlan Coben Novels Series

Netflix Harlan Coben Novels Series

Netflix’s latest adaptation of Harlan Coben’s murder mysteries, “Fool Me Once,” has proven to be a hit, prompting the streaming giant to announce two more shows based on Coben’s books. “Missing You” and “Run Away” will mark the ninth and tenth on-screen adaptations resulting from the successful Netflix/Coben partnership.

While “Fool Me Once” has received mixed reviews, achieving a 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 46% from the audience, it has become the most-watched show on Netflix this week. Garnering 61 million views globally in its first two weeks, the series has climbed into the Netflix top 10 in 91 different countries.

Missing You Is Set To Begin Filming In the UK Early This Year

“Missing You,” set to begin filming in the UK early this year, follows a detective whose fiancé mysteriously disappears. Eleven years later, she spots his face on a dating app, turning her world upside down. Complicating matters, her father was murdered long ago, raising questions about a potential connection between the two events.

On the other hand, “Run Away” revolves around the eldest daughter of Simon, who believed he had a perfect life until his daughter vanished. When Simon finds her in a city park, struggling with drugs, his attempts to bring her home take a dark turn, leading to shocking violence. As with many of Coben’s works, the plot delves into long-buried secrets, upheaved worlds, and torn-apart families.

Coben’s Skill in Crafting Compelling Narratives

While the formulaic nature of these adaptations is acknowledged, Harlan Coben’s skill in crafting compelling narratives is highlighted. Kirkus Reviews praises “Missing You,” describing the setup as irresistible, with generously piled twists and a pulse-pounding climax. However, their review of “Run Away” notes that Coben may have overreached, with far-flung complications feeling forced and schematic rather than nightmarish.

The Entertainment Value of These Shows

Despite some reservations, the entertainment value of these shows often involves a certain suspension of disbelief. Comparisons are drawn to Disney Plus’s “Culprits,” a show that, while silly, proves highly enjoyable. As for “Run Away,” writer Danny Brocklehurst, fresh from adapting “Fool Me Once,” is at the helm, suggesting that viewers might want to give it a chance before deciding to “run away” from it.



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