Plex Is Set To Launch a Store for TV Shows and Movies

Plex is set to launch a store for TV shows and movies. With this new development, it simply means that you will now be able to rent and also purchase movies and TV shows in the early parts of February.

Plex Store for TV Shows and Movies

Plex Store for TV Shows and Movies

Plex, recognized for its media server software and ad-supported content platform, is set to launch a store for purchasing and renting movies and TV shows in early February. According to executives, “most studios” are already on board for the store’s launch, with plans to complete the catalog soon after. The store will integrate with Plex features, including watchlists for movies.

This move represents a significant addition for Plex, especially following a 20 percent staff reduction in June 2023. Despite challenges in its ad business due to a global advertising market downturn, Plex’s chief product officer, Scott Olechowski, stated that the ad business is growing. This upcoming movie and TV store is a notable step in Plex’s expansion and diversification.

Plex’s Additional Changes in the Pipeline

Plex has additional changes in the pipeline, including a significant user experience (UX) refresh to accommodate the growing number of users watching ad-supported movies, TV shows, and Free Ad-Supported Streaming (FAST) channels on the platform. This refresh aims to enhance the overall user interface and experience.

Plex Is Set To Introduce More Social Features

Moreover, Plex is set to introduce more social features, such as public profiles, in the coming year. Despite concerns arising about Plex’s activity-sharing feature in late 2023, the company has addressed some of the onboarding processes and witnessed a rapid resolution of the backlash, according to Plex senior product and design director Jason Williams. The addition of social features aligns with Plex’s ongoing efforts to evolve and improve its platform for users.



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