Samsung Tough New S23 Devices

Samsung Debuts Tough New S23 Devices

Samsung debuts Tough new S23 devices, but you should know that these newly debuted devices are not available to everyone. A new version of...
LimeWire AI Art Generation

LimeWire Shifts Focus from NFTs to AI Art Generation

LimeWire shifts focus from NFTs to AI art generation as it just recently bought one of the most popular free AI art generators in...
GitLab Users Advised To Install Emergency Fix

GitLab Users Advised To Immediately Install Emergency Fix

GitLab users are advised to immediately install the emergency fix. The reason for this is simple. A flaw has just been discovered on the...
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative New AI GPU Cluster

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Is Reportedly Building A New AI GPU Cluster For Medical Purposes

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is reportedly building a new AI GPU cluster for medical purposes. The new computing system from the initiative is supposed to...
YouTube Demonetizes Russel Brand’s Channel

YouTube Reportedly Demonetizes Russel Brand’s Channel

YouTube reportedly demonetizes Russel Brand’s channel. Following several reports of sexual assault, video streaming giants YouTube has reportedly stopped Russel Brand from earning or...
Toyota AI-Trained Breakfast Robots

Toyota Is Now Making AI-Trained Breakfast Robots in a Kindergarten for Robots

Toyota is now making AI-trained breakfast robots in a Kindergarten for robots. Well, you however should know that these robots from Toyota cannot whip...
iFixit Repairability Score on iPhone 14

iFixit Reportedly Drops The Repairability Score On The iPhone 14

iFixit reportedly drops the repairability score on the iPhone 14 from a seven to 4 out of 10. The company retroactively dings the iPhone...
Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents

Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents According To the Court

Microsoft leaked its own Xbox documents according to the court. According to news and development coming from the court, tech giant Microsoft is reportedly...
Discless Xbox Series X

Details of a New Discless Xbox Series X Spotted In Leaked Microsoft Presentation

Details of a new discless Xbox Series X spotted in leaked Microsoft presentation. With the reported leaks, it simply means one thing and that...
Intel 288-Core Leviathan 5th-Gen Xeon CPU

Intel Unveils Its 288-Core Leviathan 5th-Gen Xeon CPU

Intel unveils its 288-core Leviathan 5th-gen Xeon CPU, but if anything about reports are true then we just could see an even bigger beast...
NASA’s Bizarre Shape-Shifting Metal

You Can Now Buy Bike Tires Made with NASA’s Bizarre Shape-Shifting Metal

You can now buy bike tires made with NASA’s bizarre shape-shifting metal. These airless Metl tires as you should know are completely made from...
Install iOS 17 on Your iPhone

How to Install iOS 17 on Your iPhone

Do you want to know how to install iOS 17 on your iPhone? Well, this is simple and easy and in a bit, I...
Windows Chief Is Set To Leave Microsoft

Surface and Windows Chief Is Set To Leave Microsoft

Surface and Windows chief, Panos Panay is set to leave Microsoft. The consumer marketing head of Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, will reportedly be taking over...
Meta’s Horizon Worlds Social Platform Mobile and Web

Meta’s Horizon Worlds Social Platform Is Coming to Mobile and Web Finally

Meta’s Horizon Worlds social platform is coming to mobile and web finally. Finally, the platform is coming to mobile and on the web. This...
The US Government Approves $100 Million

The US Government Approves $100 Million to Fix the Country’s Broken EV Chargers

The US government approves $100 million to fix the country’s broken EV chargers. More than 6,000 EV chargers or let’s say about 4 percent...