First National Bank Glitch Reportedly Exposes Its Customers According To South African Regulator

First National Bank glitch reportedly exposes its customers according to South African regulator. Pre-investigation findings by South Africa’s Information Regulator have now shown that a glitch in the First National Bank (FNB) banking app leaked the personal details of 88 home loan applicants in the previous year.

First National Bank Glitch Exposes Customers

First National Bank Glitch Exposes Customers

In February 2023, reports surfaced regarding a data glitch affecting FNB clients using the mobile app to apply for home loans. The glitch inadvertently exposed personal information, including names and contact details, of fellow applicants.

The incident prompted immediate action from the Information Regulator, which initiated investigations under South Africa’s data privacy law, POPIA.

Investigation Findings

Recent documents reveal that the data breach specifically impacted FNB home loan customers utilizing the “nav>>Home” feature on the FNB app and online banking platforms.

The glitch resulted in access permissions meant for bank employees being erroneously assigned to 3,173 loan customers, termed “unintended recipients.” As a result, these recipients could view the personal information of 88 affected customers, including full names and identification numbers.

Response from FNB

FNB promptly acknowledged the incident and informed both affected customers and relevant authorities as required by POPIA. Chris Labuschagne, CEO of Home Structured Lending at FNB, assured that the bank has complied with regulators’ requests and notified impacted home loan applicants.

Additionally, fraud monitoring measures have been implemented on affected accounts, and the mobile app feature responsible for the glitch has been temporarily suspended.

Mitigation Measures

In response to the data breach, FNB is actively working to resolve the technical error and restore affected services. The bank is conducting thorough testing of the solution before reinstating the mobile app feature to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.

Meanwhile, affected customers continue to receive support and monitoring to safeguard against potential fraud or misuse of their personal information.

Regulatory Assessment

With the conclusion of the pre-investigation phase, the Information Regulator is now assessing FNB’s compliance with POPIA regulations. The regulator will determine whether the bank took appropriate measures to address the data breach and protect customer privacy.

This assessment underscores the importance of stringent data protection measures in financial institutions to prevent similar incidents in the future.


The FNB data glitch serves as a reminder of the critical need for robust data protection measures in the digital age. As regulators continue their assessment of FNB’s response under POPIA, the incident highlights the importance of proactive measures to safeguard customer information.

Moving forward, FNB and other financial institutions must prioritize data security to maintain customer trust and compliance with regulatory standards.

the aftermath of the FNB data glitch underscores the importance of robust data protection measures and regulatory compliance in safeguarding customer information in the digital age.



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