Happy 25th Birthday Google

Happy 25th Birthday Google – Makeoverarena is wishing Google a Happy Birthday!

Today Google celebrates its Birthday. This is great news all around as one of the world’s most successful companies turns 25, a company that...
Spotify To Partner with OpenAI

Spotify Is to Partner with OpenAI in Cloning Podcasters’ Voices

Spotify is to partner with OpenAI in cloning podcasters’ voices and then translate them into other languages reportedly. The partnership in question will allow...
Amazon Free Alexa Guard Security Features

Amazon Is Putting Free Alexa Guard Security Features behind a Paywall

Amazon is putting free Alexa Guard security features behind a paywall. Many of the once-free features of the Guard will not require users a...
Beats Studio Buds Plus Earbuds

Beats Studio Buds Plus Earbuds Drops To $100

Beats Studio Buds Plus Earbuds drops to $100, which is a new record low for the device.  This very upgraded pair of wireless Beats...
Woot Mega Sales on Apple Accessories

Woot Launches Mega Sales on Apple Accessories

Woot launches mega sales on Apple accessories, with prices kicking things off from $4. With this current deal, you can easily score savings on...
The iPad Mini 7

We Could see The iPad Mini 7 Before The End Of The Year

We could see the iPad mini 7 before the end of the year according to several reports. If anything about the news making the...
Meta Chatbot Personas

Meta Is Set To Introduce a Host of Chatbot Personas on Its Platforms

Meta is set to introduce a host of chatbot personas on its platforms. And of the reported chatbot personas the tech company is planning...
Spider-Man Actor Peter Parker

Spider-Man Actor Peter Parker Says Being Spider-Man Is the Best

Spider-Man actor Peter Parker says being Spider-Man is the best. The actor reportedly said that he would play the role again to his dying...
Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs

Intel Reportedly Revealed Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs Quietly

Intel reportedly revealed Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs quietly, but unfortunately, users are not too convinced with the way it went down. Well, these desktop...
Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Evil Playthrough 

Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Reportedly Struggling to Do an Evil Playthrough 

Baldur’s Gate 3 players reportedly struggling to do an evil playthrough. That said, it simply means that the darker playthrough is not made for...
5 Best Mobile Banking Security Practices to Keep Your Money Safe

5 Best Mobile Banking Security Practices to Keep Your Money Safe

Mobile banking has become an indispensable part of our lives. With the convenience of handling financial transactions at our fingertips, it's essential to prioritize...
How Secure is Two-Factor Authentication

How Secure is Two Factor Authentication

How secure is two-factor authentication? In an increasingly interconnected world, where our digital footprints expand with each click and keystroke, safeguarding our online identities...
Vizio Quantum Pro TV Price

Vizio Quantum Pro TV Price Starts At $700 for 65-Inch

Vizio Quantum Pro TV price starts at $700 for a 65-inch and it also promises bright images. The successor to one of the most...
Android 14 Beta Webcam Capabilities

Android 14 Beta Adds Webcam Capabilities to Your Phone

Android 14 beta adds webcam capabilities to your phone. What does this mean? Well, it is simple. This means that supported Pixel devices or...
Samsung Leaks Its New Fan Edition Phone

Samsung Reportedly Leaks Its New Fan Edition Phone, Earbuds and Tablet

Samsung reportedly leaks its new Fan Edition phone, earbuds, and tablet. A new set of lower-cost fan Edition Samsung devices just leaked out of...