Google Partner with Kaduna to Launch AI Learning Series in Hausa

The Kaduna State Government, in partnership with Google and Data Science Nigeria, has introduced the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Beginners Learning Series, an initiative aimed at empowering women in the Northern region through technology.

Google Partner with Kaduna to Launch AI Learning Series in Hausa
Google Partner with Kaduna to Launch AI Learning Series in Hausa

This groundbreaking series delivers artificial intelligence concepts in the Hausa language, ensuring that even complex technological ideas are made accessible and culturally relevant to the region.

Uba Sani, the executive governor of the State, underscored the government’s commitment to digital transformation and economic growth, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI education, particularly for women.

Sani stated, “AI is not only the future; it is the present. By equipping our people, especially our women, with AI capabilities, we are paving the way for a more prosperous and innovative Northern Nigeria. Moreover, we are laying the foundation for Kaduna to emerge as a vibrant technology hub.”

Olumide Balogun, the director of Google West Africa, hailed the initiative as a significant milestone in enhancing AI knowledge across Northern Nigeria.

He highlighted the series’ role in demystifying complex digital concepts through engaging animations and culturally relevant imagery, thereby fostering inclusivity and participation in the tech sector.

The AI for Beginners Learning Video Series, available on YouTube, the Data Science Nigeria platform, and the National Information Technology Development Agency education portal, aims to broaden understanding and application of AI technologies, creating new job opportunities and driving innovation.

Making AI Education Accessible

Dr. Bayo Adekanbi, CEO and founder of Data Science Nigeria, emphasized the transformative potential of AI education in Hausa.

He stated, “Making AI education accessible in Hausa creates opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact. These women represent Northern Nigeria’s future leaders and innovators, and artificial intelligence is the technology that can unlock their full potential.”

Through collaborative efforts and inclusive initiatives like the AI for Beginners Learning Series, Kaduna State is poised to harness the power of technology to drive socioeconomic development and empower its citizens, particularly women, to thrive in the digital age.



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