Microsoft Pauses Rollouts to Refine Copilot AI in Windows 11

Microsoft reportedly pauses rollouts to help refine Copilot AI in Windows 11. Just ahead of its event scheduled to take place on May 20, the tech company is now halting all public tests of updates for its Windows assistant.

Microsoft Pauses Rollouts to Refine Copilot AI

Microsoft Pauses Rollouts to Refine Copilot AI

Microsoft recently announced a pause in the rollout of new Copilot features in Windows 11 to refine them based on user feedback. Despite this pause, existing Copilot features will continue to function as expected. The decision comes as Microsoft aims to enhance the user experience and ensure the effectiveness of its AI-powered assistant.

With an upcoming AI event scheduled for May 20th, Microsoft has an opportunity to showcase the latest developments in Copilot and other AI-driven innovations. The tech giant has designated 2024 as “the year of the AI PC,” signaling its commitment to advancing AI capabilities within Windows.

Anticipated Features and Products

In addition to Copilot updates, Microsoft is expected to unveil new Surface laptops featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite processors. These devices will run Windows on Arm architecture, providing competition to Apple’s M3-powered MacBook Air.

AI Explorer App and “Copilot for Every Person”

Among the anticipated features is the AI Explorer app, reminiscent of Windows 10’s Timeline feature. This app is designed to help users seamlessly transition between tasks across different devices. Microsoft aims to democratize AI with the concept of “Copilot for every person,” making AI assistance accessible to all users.

Recent Copilot Features Tested in Preview

Recent Copilot features tested in preview versions of Windows include an animated taskbar icon indicating when AI assistance is available. Users can hover over the icon to access AI-generated summaries of text and other options. Additionally, Copilot can now pop out of the sidebar into a resizable application window, enhancing usability.

Updates in Latest Builds

Recent builds released to the Dev and Beta channels include fixes for issues such as Copilot auto-launching after a restart. A new shortcut in the right-click menu of File Explorer allows users to duplicate tabs easily. Notably, Microsoft has updated memory speed units in Task Manager to reflect DDR-ready MT/s counts accurately.


As Microsoft continues to refine Copilot and integrate AI capabilities into Windows, users can expect enhanced productivity and seamless user experiences. The pause in rollouts demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to delivering high-quality AI-driven features that meet user needs and expectations.

With the upcoming AI event and ongoing developments, Microsoft is poised to solidify its position as a leader in AI innovation within the PC ecosystem.



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