For Better User Experience MTN Rwanda Picks LigaData

In an attempt to modernize its network and enhance the user experience, MTN Rwanda has increased the scope of its collaboration with technology provider LigaData.

For Better User Experience MTN Rwanda Picks LigaData
For Better User Experience MTN Rwanda Picks LigaData

This is achieved through the mobile operator’s transition to Telecom Data Fabric 4.0, the latter’s newest platform, which promises to increase income while transforming businesses from traditional “telcos” to agile data-driven “techcos” driven by artificial intelligence.

For a Better User Experience MTN Rwanda Picks LigaData

LigaData Telecom Data Fabric 4.0 integrates telecom industry expertise, enabling near real-time data pipelines and analytics at scale and a fraction of the cost and resource requirements of traditional data integration tools and generic data fabrics, claims the software firm with its headquarters in Jordan.

MTN Rwanda’s chief information officer, Fabrice Ntare, said the business was able to take advantage of the new self-service user experience by updating to LigaData’s Telecom Data Fabric version 4.0, which made it easier and faster to aggregate data into a single view.

“The accelerated processing speed gives us faster access to key performance indicators, helping us keep ahead of the competition,” Ntare explained. More than thirty global communication service providers, catering to more than 350 million consumers, use LigaData’s software solutions and services.

According to Bassel Ojjeh, president and CEO of LigaData, “The new version 4.0 of the LigaData Telecom Data Fabric and the new LigaData Telecom AI Apps build on LigaData’s impressive record of delivering data fabric infrastructures and solving data-driven use cases for our many telecommunications customers across the world.”



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