Meta Is Reportedly Deleting All Oculus Accounts at the End of the Month

Meta is reportedly deleting all Oculus accounts at the end of the month. This simply means that you will lose all of your games, buys, and store credits if it is that you don’t migrate now or before the set date to a Meta account.

Meta Is Deleting All Oculus Accounts

Meta Is Deleting All Oculus Accounts

If you haven’t yet transitioned your Oculus account to a Meta one, it’s essential to do so promptly. In a recent communication sent to users, the company announced its intention to discontinue Oculus accounts on March 29th, 2024. Failure to migrate to a Meta account before this date will result in the permanent deletion of your Oculus account, along with associated data such as apps, in-app purchases, store credits, and more. Additionally, users will forfeit achievements, friends lists, and any content created under their Oculus account if the transition is not completed in time.

The Phase-Out of Oculus Accounts

The phase-out of Oculus accounts began in 2020 when the company, then known as Facebook, began requiring new users to register with Facebook accounts instead. Subsequently, in 2022, the option to create a Meta account was introduced, providing an alternative for users who preferred not to link their Facebook account with their Quest headset. By January 2023, Meta ceased allowing users to log in using their Oculus credentials. For those who still possess a Quest device, now is the final opportunity to migrate their Oculus account to a Meta one.

How to Migrate To a Meta Account

To facilitate the transition, users can visit a designated page and register for a Meta account using the same email address associated with their Oculus account. This process enables users to retain access to all their previous games, data, and purchases stored under their Oculus account.

Users Confirming Getting an Email Notification

Several recipients, including individuals from The Verge team, have confirmed receiving the email notification. Some colleagues have already completed the transition to Meta accounts. However, it remains uncertain whether these emails were dispatched erroneously or if Meta account holders need to take further action. The Verge has reached out to Meta for clarification but has not yet received a response.



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