First National Bank Glitch Exposes Customers

First National Bank Glitch Reportedly Exposes Its Customers According To South African Regulator

First National Bank glitch reportedly exposes its customers according to South African regulator. Pre-investigation findings by South Africa’s Information Regulator have now shown that...
ITAC hit by cyberattack

South African Regulator ITAC Hit by Cyberattack

South African regulator ITAC hit by cyberattack. In recent developments, the International Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC) was hit by a cyber attack...
Kenya Confirms Extradition Talks With Nigeria

Kenya Confirms Extradition Talks With Nigeria Regarding Escaped Binance Executive

Kenya confirms extradition talks with Nigeria regarding escaped Binance executive who escaped the country and was later found in Kenya. Recent development reveals that the...
Cameroonian Authorities Concerned About the Effect of Starlink

Cameroonian Authorities Concerned About the Effect of Starlink in the Region

Cameroonian authorities are concerned about the effect of Starlink in the region. Officials in Cameroon worry that Starlink coming into the market might pose...
Binnacle Executive Escapes Detainment

Binance Executive Escapes Detainment in Nigeria

Binance executive escapes detainment in Nigeria according to several reports. One of the two Binance executives who were detained by the Office of Nigeria's...
The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia loses $40 Million

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Loses $40 Million to A Systems Glitch      

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia loses $40 million to a systems glitch. This new development is still making the rounds and if you would...
Nigeria Loses More Than $593.6 Million

Nigeria Loses More Than $593.6 Million amid the Ongoing Undersea Cable Repair

Nigeria loses more than $593.6 million amid the ongoing undersea cable repair. According to data from NetBlocks using its Cost of Shutdown Tool (COST),...
Binance Ordered To Release Data to EFCC

Binance Ordered To Release Data to EFCC to Aid in Ongoing Investigation

Binance ordered to release data to EFCC to aid in the ongoing investigation. A federal High Court sitting in Abuja has reportedly directed Binance...
Microsoft Is Utilizing AI to Stop Phone Scammers

Microsoft is Utilizing AI to Stop Phone Scammers from Tricking Users

Microsoft is utilizing AI to stop phone scammers from tricking users. A new service known as Azure Operator Call Protection will reportedly look out...
Nigeria’s Data Protection Regulator

Nigeria’s Data Protection Regulator Is Currently Investigating 17 Data Breaches

Nigeria’s data protection regulator is currently investigating 17 data breaches. The NDPC has just recently revealed that it is currently looking into 17 priority...
SIM-Swapping Attack Behind the Fake Bitcoin Post

A SIM-Swapping Attack Was Reportedly Behind the Fake Bitcoin Post of The SEC

A SIM-swapping attack was reportedly behind the fake Bitcoin post of the SEC. and according to the SEC, a bad actor reportedly got control...
Nvidia RTX 4090 Scams

Nvidia RTX 4090 Scams Keep Coming Up Online

Nvidia RTX 4090 scams keep coming up online and the latest one of the bunch is a shameless ‘FrankenGPU’ rip-off purchased on Amazon. Shoppers...
Insomniac Finally Responds To Hack

Insomniac Finally Responds To the Hack That Leaked Its Games and Many More

Insomniac finally responds to the hack that leaked its games and many more. The hack in question led to the exposure of millions of...
Apple’s iPhone Satellite System Roadside Assistance

Apple’s iPhone Satellite System Now Has a New Option for Roadside Assistance

Apple’s iPhone satellite system now has a new option for roadside assistance. Apple, the company behind the tech already offered satellite roadside assistance via...
Chrome’s Password Safety Tool

Chrome’s Password Safety Tool Will Now Run in the Background Automatically

Chrome’s password safety tool will now run in the background automatically. This feature has been around in the Chrome platform for quite some time...
X Suffers Global Outage

Social Media Platform X Reportedly Suffers a Global Outage Again

Social media platform X reportedly suffers a global outage again. The said outage in question affected many countries all over the world including the...
Ransomware Gang Has Regained Control of Its Site

Ransomware Gang Has Reportedly Regained Control of Its Site and Issues New Threats

Ransomware gang has reportedly regained control of its site and issues new threats after FBI takedown. The FBI which is working with international bodies...
Xfinity Data Breach

Xfinity Reportedly Affected By a Data Breach

Xfinity was reportedly affected by a data breach, but the company however does not say just how many users were affected by the said...
Apple Fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero Issue

Apple Reportedly Fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero Issue

Apple reportedly fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero issue. iPhones that are running iOS 17.2 with this new update from Apple will no longer crash...
Ledger Crypto Wallet Attacked

Ledger Crypto Wallet Reportedly Attacked By Hackers

Ledger crypto wallet was reportedly attacked by hackers and in the process led to some huge money thefts. Some unfortunate incident reportedly drained users...