Apple’s iPhone Satellite System Now Has a New Option for Roadside Assistance

Apple’s iPhone satellite system now has a new option for roadside assistance. Apple, the company behind the tech already offered satellite roadside assistance via AAA, and right about now, the feature works with Verizon roadside assistance, too.

Apple’s iPhone Satellite System Roadside Assistance

Apple’s iPhone Satellite System Roadside Assistance

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone 14 or iPhone 15, then know that you can now use satellite connectivity to get direct access to Verizon’s roadside assistance service. In a support page that was seen by MacRumors, Apple now reveals that you can take advantage of the capability with devices that are running iOS 17.2 (or higher) as well as a Verizon SIM card.

How The Roadside Assistance Program Of Verizon Works

The roadside assistance program of Verizon is run by the Allstate-owned Signature Motor Club and it offers help when you are having car trouble, even if it is that you are in the car of a friend or a rental. This feature and program includes vehicles that are towing up to 10 miles in any direction, winching, fuel delivery, jump starts, tire service, and many more. And while Verizon offers a $4.99 per line monthly subscription, the company also offers flat fees for Verizon customers who make use of the service without a subscription.

Apple Satellite Roadside Assistance Service in Partnership with AAA

Apple already reportedly introduced a satellite roadside assistance service in partnership with AAA, enabling users to get help in an area with no access to mobile connectivity. The firm in question bundles two years of free service plus its Emergency SOS feature when purchasing and activating a new iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 (and just recently extended existing iPhone 14 owners for an additional year), but know that you will however still have to foot the bill for whatever roadside service that you need if it is that you are not a member of AAA.

With the addition of roadside assistance program of Verizon could add more service options and choices if it is that you are stuck in a remote area or you just don’t have AAA.



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