Discovery Shows That You Have Purchased on PlayStation Will Not Be Taken Away

Discovery shows that you have purchased on PlayStation will not be taken away. The shows initially were set to be taken down from the platform as of December 31, but all thanks to a new update licensing agreements, they will be sticking around for much longer.

Discovery Shows Purchased on PlayStation

Discovery Shows Purchased on PlayStation

If you have been following this development, then you would know that Discovery shows were set to be taken down PlayStation libraries on December 31st, but that is no longer the case as it is not happening now, all thanks to “updated licensing arrangements,” as reported by

The original and initial plan was one of two recent reminders from PlayStation that digital ownership sucks especially due to the fact that there were a ton load of shows that were set to be taken down from video libraries. You can access and see the full list on Sony’s website, which as you should know now contains the note regarding the changed policy. “Due to updated licensing arrangements, the Discovery content removal planned for December 31, 2023, is no longer occurring,” Sony states. “We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback.”

What This New Update Means

However, while all this is good news for users who have invested heavily in Discovery content on PlayStation, the whole situation here is a reminder that, in many cases, purchasing things digitally essentially simply means that you are paying for a long-term rental.

If however, you don’t want to be subject to the problems of further “licensing arrangements” just so that you can get to watch your favorite MythBusters episodes down the line, then you just might want to go back to purchasing physical copies.



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