BuuPass Acquires QuickBus to Enter Nigeria and South Africa

BuuPass acquires QuickBus to enter Nigeria and South Africa. Kenya-based travel booking firm has recently announced purchasing QuickBus, a bus ticketing platform with operations in West Africa Nigeria, and South Africa, in a cash and stock deal.

BuuPass Acquires QuickBus

BuuPass Acquires QuickBus

In a move set to revolutionize travel booking across Africa, Kenyan-based BuuPass has acquired QuickBus, a prominent bus ticketing platform operating in Nigeria and South Africa. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for BuuPass as it embarks on expanding its services beyond its home market.

BuuPass’s acquisition of QuickBus is a cash and stock deal, although the exact financial details remain undisclosed. However, the implications are clear – BuuPass is poised to enhance its offerings and market presence significantly.

Expansion Plans

With the acquisition of QuickBus, BuuPass aims to leverage its newfound resources to forge partnerships with banks and telecommunication companies. These partnerships will enable BuuPass to offer a broader range of services, including API integration, building upon its successful collaboration with Safaricom’s M-PESA for bus bookings in Kenya.

Benefits and Synergies

One of the key advantages of the acquisition is BuuPass’s access to QuickBus’s established partnerships with major players like Vodaphone’s VodaPay app in South Africa. Additionally, all existing QuickBus customers in Nigeria and South Africa will transition to BuuPass’s platform for their travel booking needs.

Team Integration

To ensure a seamless transition and optimal operational efficiency, BuuPass will integrate QuickBus’s talented team into its ranks. Furthermore, the former head of QuickBus’s South Africa business will join BuuPass’s management team, bringing valuable expertise and insights.

BuuPass’s Journey

Founded in Kenya in 2017, BuuPass has experienced remarkable growth, raising $1.3 million in funding last year to modernize Kenya’s bus ticketing system. BuuPass boasts impressive statistics, including over 6 million tickets sold and $100 million in ticket sales, spanning multiple African countries such as Tanzania, Malawi, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Future Prospects

With its expanded reach and enhanced capabilities through the QuickBus acquisition, BuuPass is well-positioned to capitalize on Africa’s burgeoning travel market. The company pledges to continue diversifying its offerings, including incorporating additional travel options like trains and flights into its platform.


BuuPass’s acquisition of QuickBus marks a significant step forward in its quest to revolutionize travel booking across Africa. With expanded reach, strengthened partnerships, and a talented team, BuuPass is poised to drive innovation and convenience in the continent’s travel industry for years to come.



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