How to Make Payment for Your AAA Credit Card

AAA credit card is a travel cash-back card that is issued by AAA. This card is great if you are a regular traveler but you want the flexibility to earn and redeem more than just travel rewards. It is a nice card to use as you get a welcome bonus, a low introductory APR on balance transfers, and decent rewards on everyday spending categories. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the AAA Credit Card Payment, the benefits, how to apply, and so on.

AAA Credit Card Payment

About AAA

AAA known as the American Automobile Association, Inc. is a federation of affiliated automobile clubs. Every of its clubs is an independent organization, not-for-profit organization, chartered and incorporated in its state and controlled by its own Board of Directors.

To be affiliated with AAA, each club is to provide certain standard services to its members, as well as members of other AAA clubs. However individual club owns the territory in which it resides, and membership is based on residence. The dues and services will differ slightly between all clubs.

This card is issued by Bank of America and it allows you to earn cash back even if you are not an AAA member, and there is no annual fee. All members are entitled to 3% cash back on all their purchases, while non-members receive 3% cash back on travel purchases, as well as 2% cash back at grocery stores, wholesale clubs, and gas stations. There is also a $200 bonus and a no-interest introductory offer on balance transfers.

Benefits Of Owning an AAA Credit Card

If you are not convinced about owning an AAA credit card yet, here are some of its benefits that will convince you.

No Payment of Annual Fee: if you are searching for a low-maintenance cashback card, you should try out aaa. It provides cashback on your eligible purchases and you do not have to pay an annual fee.

Several Credit Card Benefits: they have generous credit card perks, like emergency support, fraud protection, and identity theft protection.

No Foreign Transaction Charge: AAA does not charge a fee when you purchase a foreign bank.

First-Year Annual Fee Waived: aaa gives you the privilege of having the card for a year without paying the $0 annual fee.

How to Apply for AAA Credit Card

Having known the benefits of this credit card, here is how you can apply.

  • Go to the official website.
  • Fill in the form for application.
  • Note that you will have to fill in your financial information, social security number, address, and annual income.
  • Ensure you fill in the correct information then submit your application.

The AAA credit card is for members who have good or excellent credit, members who always pay their monthly bills in full and will want to earn rewards on every expense. So, you will need a good credit score to apply.

How to Check Your AAA Credit Card Application Status

You can check your application status online, or you can call Bank of Americas customer service at 1-866-665-3581. This is because the Bank of America issues the AAA credit card.

How to Make Payment for Your AAA Credit Card

After you have gotten your AAA travel credit card, you can make payment through your online account or by using the EasyPay feature. You can also make payments over the phone.

Online: you have to log in to your account or you can make use of EasyPay to make your payment online.

Through Phone: you should put a call across to their customer service to make your payment over the phone.

Through the mail: you can make payment via mail and if you decide to make your payment through mail, you have to include your credit card number on your payment to avoid any delay in processing it. also, mail payments take about 5-7 business days to post but online and phone payments are processed within 1-3 business days.

AAA Credit Card Rewards

AAA card rewards are 5% cash back on gas and electric vehicle charging stations, 3% cash back on grocery, restaurants, travel, and AAA purchases, and 1% back on other purchases. These rewards can be redeemed from your online banking account or AAA club.

AAA Credit Card Rewards Redemption Options

  • You can redeem your cashback to get gift cards online.
  • It can be used to obtain rewards through the program catalog.
  • You can redeem cash back as a statement credit to your account.
  • Cashback can be paid as a direct deposit, beginning at a dollar ($5), into a checking or savings account.
  • You can redeem your cash back through AAA club locations.

AAA Membership

To apply for an AAA credit card, make payments, and enjoy its benefits, you need to be a member. AAA membership is the right companion for people traveling through America’s roadways. It does not matter if you are a parent navigating local roads to school or shops if you are a weekend traveler heading to a fun destination, or if you are a retiree moving from country to coast, this member covers you for every mile you travel.

With AAA membership, you can drive with peace, because in the event of an unexpected occurrence, they are just a call away. Their technicians answer your call, during the day or night and in any weather condition.  They help to assist with your car battery service, lockouts, jumpstarts, tire changes, and towing when needed.

Their membership is more than a roadside assistance and tow truck service. The membership benefits of AAA include 24/7 mobile and online access to various products, services, and information resources to help in everyday life and the added benefit of in-person professional assistance at AAA offices across North America.

Frequently Asked Questions on AAA Credit Card

Does The AAA Credit Card Have a Foreign Transaction Fee?

AAA card does not charge foreign transaction fees. If you travel frequently, avoiding foreign transaction fees will save you hundreds of dollars in fees when you travel out of the country and AAA credit card covers this aspect.

What Is the Support Contact Email for the AAA Credit Card?

The support email for AAA Credit Card is on it website

Does AAA Credit Card Have a Cashback or Rewards Program?

AAA has a cashback card. This implies that you earn a percentage of your purchases as cashback rewards.

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