The Best Apps for Planning a Road Trip

Here I would be stating some of The Best Apps for Planning a Road Trip. I believe everyone loves easy and smooth travel. There are paper maps and GPS navigation system that has replaced Google and Apple Maps, old school CDs with music streaming services, and guidebooks, all these changes are due to a revolution in technology.

The Best Apps for Planning a Road Trip

I call this travel app “aids” because they help our travels and trips more accommodating, more relaxing, and most of the time fun. Some of these apps might show some good hotels or restaurants that help us relax.

Easy and Cheaper Road Trips Apps

Our smartphone has made travel or trips easy and less of stress. There are apps on our smartphones that help trips easy and there are:

Google Maps

If you are going to a new location and you are not yet familiar with the environment, then you need a reliable direction app for that. This is where Google Maps comes in place, Google maps top every other navigation app.

Some features place this app at the top, and the feature is the way comprehends every small piece of data and gives attention to any detail which makes it bring out the best directions. It even tells you the distance, the road condition, and the traffic patterns.

Google Maps is free and on iOS and Android platforms.

Google Travel

This is another reliable app for travel but it does not give you navigation or direction, it just keeps the arrangement of your scheduled trip. It organizes your trip with Gmail Integration. Gives offline access to your trip information. With Google travel, you arrange all the schedules for your trip in advance to the trip and you can still access the information with the internet and no internet connection.


This is a cool travel aid that gives you access to free and comfortable travel guides. Before we go on, this app takes a lot of battery so you should try carrying a car USB charger.

It has cool features like lodging, sightseeing, outdoor destinations, restaurants, fun activities, shopping, and where you can fill your fuel tank.

Roadtrippers create a path or route that allows you to discover great places as you plan your road trip. It has a user-friendly interface and it covers a lot of locations like the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

It is available and accessible on iOS and Android platforms. On this app, you can start using premium annually at $29.99.


This is not the worldwide location finder but the local guide to the highest and best-rated shops, restaurants, or any other service you choose to access. Maybe you are bored at home and would love to be in a cool and less crowded place then Yelp got you covered. What makes this app reliable is the more than 100 million reviews by experts.

Yelp is accessible on your iOS and Android platforms.

Travel Blogs

I always had this belief which I know is the fact that where ever you want to go someone else has been there. Some bloggers travel for fun or as a profession. With the help of their blogs, you might get useful and helpful resources or items like trip photos, trip routes, or even documentation of scheduled activities of vacations or road trips.

Maps. Me

I don’t like traveling to places with no good internet connectivity. But this app shows you the right places with a cool internet connection and if no internet connection goes off, then Maps. I got you covered with the offline search feature.

This app gives you quick and detailed offline maps with accurate directions or navigation. This app can relieve you of wasting time and helps you save precious time. It also has a prepared travel guide. It has other features like offline search, GPS direction, and an optimized map that takes up smaller memory space.

It is accessible on the iOS and Android platforms.


This app also tops second after Google Maps as it gives you accurate directions. It gives updated information to help you avoid traffic jams, construction, and many other obstacles to fun trips and travels.

Another cool thing about Waze is that it collects data from other drivers to streamline the driving experience or how the road would look to reduce the stress of getting to see it. And that would end the fun trip you had looked forward to.

Waze is available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Roadside America

If you are new to America and you want a tour around America, then roadside America got you covered for that. You cannot stop at every part of America nor can you tour the whole of America.

Roadside America takes you to the most attractive parts of America that you cannot resist. The app shows you cool museums, murals, tours, and quirky restaurants that would blow your mind. This app is accessible only on iOS and It costs $2.99 to download.


I love watching the stars as I lie on the grass. Wait if you love that kind of sight too then you should try getting this app “Dyrt”. Dyrt helps you find cool spots, tents, and cabin sites across the US. This is widely used as it has millions of registered users.

Every user gives their reviews on the app, some send photos and even tips on how to enjoy the app better. With the reviews, photos, and tips you could get an idea of different campsites that you could choose from. And you don’t have to go to the campsite or cabin site to book them, you could book them directly from Dyrt.

Dyrt is free but enjoys other cool features you could also get the premium version annually at $35.99. The premium version gives you access to offline searches on cabin sites or campsites.


You have a lot of activities for your road trip, but you cannot achieve some of them all at once. Hotel Tonight got covered on this. Hotel Tonight is a global app that helps quickly book a room when you want relief on your trip.

You would need a suitable hotel to pull over when the night meets you in the middle of your schedule. With Hotel Tonight you could easily book the right hotel and even affordable accommodation. They even give details on unbooked rooms. It covers over 1000 properties from just Mexico to Jakarta.

It is free and accessible on your iOS and Android platforms.


What is a good trip with a good playlist or good music selection? I call that fantastic. I love Spotify they have a good way of arranging music and they have music even based on your mood.

You could easily download Spotify and start your trip with a cool song selection. The only disadvantage of this app is the ad breaks that usually consume your data. But for ad-break-free and offline access to the choice, you could try to get the premium membership for $9.99 per month.

Spotify is free and available on iOS and Android platforms.


What is the best site to plan a road trip?

The recommended site for a well-planned road trip is Google Maps. With Google Maps you can discover the best route, you could even routes offline and you should as an accurate direction guide for a road trip.

How to Plan a Route with A lot of Stops?

You could plan a route with a lot of stops on Google Maps by following the steps:

  • First, you add your first stop.
  • Then you put in your directions.
  • Then you can add all your stops.
  • Then click on the start button.

Does Google Maps have a road trip planner?

To use Google Maps as a trip planner, you can access the feature through “Places” and from My Maps from one of the options under “Places”.  If you are using either the Google Maps website or app, both would help save the locations to lists to which you can add directions.

Is Waze or Google Maps better for long trips?

Waze is the best app that helps you get to your destination while Google Maps is the best app to use when you want to explore the area or if you need better knowledge about the area. No one is better than the other. So in order for the best travel experience, you would definitely need both apps.

Can You Plan a road trip with Waze?

Yes, you can schedule a trip for later, and when it is time to go you would get a remainder. After you have scheduled a drive, make sure to turn on the “time to leave” notification. This is in order to get the remainder just in case you have forgotten.

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