The Best Apps for your Phone

The best apps for your phone come in different varies from categories. There are a lot of apps but this article is to give you the best decision on the right apps to use or get on your phone.

The Best Apps for your Phone

If you need to get any app that you see here, if you are using an android phone then you can download using Google Play Store and if you are using an iPhone then you can download the app from the Apple store.

Best App for your Device

Let’s look at the different categories of apps we could get on our devices either android or iOS being able to download apps on your devices you should have the Google play store or Apple store that gives you easy access to download your choice app and if you want to download the app you want all you have to do is to search for the app from the search bar and it would come up, click on the download button and you have gotten the app.

The following are apps that you can get from the Google play store and some that would be available on the Apple store:


This is the number one social media app that is used all over the world and with over a billion users registered. Having different trends and where viewers watch and discover different things and get to even create their own trends and videos. This is available for the Google play store and Apple store.

Brave Privacy Browser

This app gives you access to different features that give you privacy and keep you safe when you use the internet. It has features like built-in blockers against ads, pop-ups, scripts, and third-party cookies. To have a secure connection to sites it has an HTTPS extension. You can download it free from the Google play store.


This is an app for note-taking designed to help company or organization workers to jot down information for effective, efficient, and productive activities. This software was developed by Notion Labs. Notion happens to be a user-friendly notepad that helps to create to-do lists, and also helps to keep personal projects. You could also customize the app to your taste. You can download the app free from the Google play store.


Mozilla Firefox or just Firefox is a web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary. Firefox has a robust plug-in selection, excellent tab management, and a cool start page that has bookmarks and has latest headlines on current news. You can get it free from the Google play store.


This app was designed for collecting and mapping out real-time public transit data. This is a real-time travel companion. The app functions in over 175 cities all over the world. The good news is that the app is available for free on both to Google play store and the Apple store.


This is a learning app that helps users to be able to learn and practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills using spaced repetition. If you want to learn a new language, then Duolingo got you covered. Duolingo has Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. So you could get this app free on the Google play store and Apple store.


This app is for those who love cooking or even chefs. This is the application that helps you to organize your recipes, make plans for your meals, and also aids you in arranging your grocery list. You could also download recipes from your best food websites, not just that you can also measure the size of the food you are about to cook. This app practically aids your cooking and becomes your cooking partner. The app is free to download from the Google play store or from the Apple store.

Facebook Messenger

This is the app that helps you to be able to hang out with your friends, not just hang out but also communicate no matter the distance. You can hang out with old friends who happen to be far away and also get to meet new friends. You can download Facebook messenger free on the Google play store and Apple store.

Nu Skin TR90

If you feel you have too much weight and you wanna be on diet and also track the progress of reducing your weight. So this app helps you monitor the way you eat and helps keep a record or track of your exercise activities. Available for download on the Google Play store and Apple store.


this is a public VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that offers strong and secure security features and unblocks most streaming services like Netflix and other streaming services. And gives you internet privacy. You can download free from the Google play store and apple store.

Action Movie FX

This app permits you to add cool and realistic features to your videos. Features like missiles attack, car crashes, and other features. With this app, it could be like you writing scripts as a movie director or movie producer. Adding scenes to videos or snaps makes them look like movies.


do you get tired of uploading or sending boring pictures to your friends and you want to add life to your pictures? Then Snapseed got you covered, this app has the best filters to edit your photos and it is so easy to edit your photos and upload to all your social media apps. This app is available for download at the Google play store and Apple store.


This is a business and employment-based social media platform that helps with career development and helps employers to see capable employees. Getting to use this app for the first time made me feel like a worker already.

This app is basically for uploading work experience and seeing if you have the privilege of being hired by someone who sees your upload and likes it. Luckily this app is free and available for download at the Google play store and Apple store.


This application is for taking cool pictures with really good filters and also a messaging app that allows you to share moments with loved ones far away. This app is available for Android and iOS users.


you could send messages on one on one platforms or group platforms and you could send files, videos, and pictures. And another feature that makes it really cool is that every message sent happens to be encrypted and secured. This app is available in the Google Play store and Apple store.


This is a widely used app that helps to send encrypted messages that keeps every conversation private and secure. With Whatsapp, you could exchange information no matter the distance and you can make video calls and voice calls, send voice notes, send pictures and videos, and any other information. This app is available for android and iOS users.


This app was developed by cookpad inc a food tech company that is operated by Japan’s largest recipe-sharing service. This app gives chefs and cooks ideas on new cooking recipes and new ways of cooking old recipes and really aids cooking in the kitchen. This app is luckily available for both Android and iOS users.


What is the NO app in the world?

The top app in the world is Tik Tok, Tik Tok which is the mostly and widely used social media app that has been downloaded by over 2 billion people all over the world. This is not an entertainment app but also an app where you could earn income.

What is the most installed app on Android?

The most installed app for android devices happens to be Whatsapp. And it is the most used app for android.

What are the top 10 apps of 2022?

There are a lot of apps in the year 2022 but the top 10 apps for the year 2022 are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Messenger
  • Tik Tok
  • Cap Cut
  • Zoom
  • Whatsapp Business.
  • Telegram

How to check my most used app daily?

Well, in order to check that you swipe down from the top of the screen and click on the gear icon. Then scroll through the option and click on “Digital well-being and parental controls”. There you would see the graph icon, click on the graph icon and you would get the information on the breakdown of all the apps you use.

What are the apps that can be needed in 2022?

The apps needed for 2022 are as follows:

  • Restaurant POS Application.
  • Bike serving app.
  • Fitness App.
  • UPI Payment App.
  • Augmented reality app that aids you to design your room.
  • Scan and convert to pdf app.
  • Health and check-up and food planner app.
  • Railway tracking app.

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