Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison Plans Move to Nashville

Three years after relocating Oracle’s headquarters from California to Texas, chairman Larry Ellison announced plans for another move, this time to Nashville.

Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison Plans Move to Nashville
Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison Plans Move to Nashville

Employee Distribution and Remote Work

Despite the previous move, many Oracle employees remained in California, with roughly 6,900 assigned to offices there compared to 2,500 in Texas. Additionally, a significant portion of Oracle’s US workforce, approximately 37,000 employees, are classified as remote workers, including CEO Safra Catz and Ellison himself.

Implications of “Headquarters” Designation

The concept of a corporate headquarters is nuanced for global companies like Oracle, with significant operations still based in California. The decision to designate Austin as the headquarters in 2020 was widely noted as a shift away from California’s economic influence, although Oracle’s presence there remained substantial.

Ongoing Changes and Nashville Expansion

Ellison’s announcement about Nashville as the new world headquarters sparked uncertainty in Austin, with officials expressing surprise and seeking clarity on Oracle’s plans. Nashville’s appeal lies in its healthcare industry and quality of life, with Oracle receiving incentives to create thousands of jobs there.

While Ellison’s declaration hints at a significant move, Oracle’s previous headquarters transition suggests that the impact on existing locations, including Austin, may be less than anticipated. The evolution of Oracle’s presence across different regions underscores the complexities of corporate relocations in today’s global landscape.



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