Oracle Reportedly Plans New Cloud Region in Kenya

In Marking the second significant investment in cloud infrastructure in Africa, Oracle reportedly Plans a New Cloud Region in Nairobi, Kenya to meet African demand. The announcement follows rival Google Cloud’s launch of its first African location in Johannesburg.

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Oracle chose Kenya’s capital city to serve the quickly expanding cloud service market in East Africa and beyond. In addition, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will enable low-latency access to Oracle’s suite of more than 100 integrated cloud products for Kenyan organizations as well as international businesses operating in the region.

Oracle executives informed President William Ruto about the Nairobi cloud initiative

Following the establishment of the AWS Africa Region in Nairobi by Amazon Web Services in 2022, the proposed Oracle facility will be Kenya’s second public cloud region. From South Africa, Microsoft Azure offers cloud services to most of Africa.

Oracle executives recently informed President William Ruto and other Kenyan government officials about the Nairobi cloud initiative. The parties highlighted Oracle’s dedication to assisting Kenya’s digital transformation by generating employment and facilitating the use of next-generation technologies in a joint statement.

Scott Twaddle, SVP of Product Development at OCI, stated: “We aim to accelerate innovation across crucial sectors like education and healthcare by making breakthrough capabilities like AI more accessible to African developers and businesses.”

Oracle plans to leverage Kenya’s robust renewable energy infrastructure as well as its access to terrestrial and submerged cables. Oracle can provide African customers with the highest level of performance, security, and redundancy by offering cloud services locally.

Kenya’s Commitment to Become the Hub of the Continent’s Technological Advancements

The Nairobi public cloud center is evidence of Kenya’s determination to become the hub of the continent’s technological advancements. Citing favorable conditions for the tech industry, President Ruto has actively advocated for global firms to establish operations in the nation of East Africa.

Back in January 2022, Oracle established its first African cloud region in Johannesburg, and the company has stated that further infrastructure and data center investments will come. Cloud regions allow service providers to provide specialized products that comply with data regulations particular to each country, resulting in decreased latency.

Major hyperscalers are identifying Africa’s neglected market, which is ready for digitization across industries including finance, agriculture, and e-commerce, with Oracle’s upcoming expansion into Kenya. Demand for cloud access will only increase as connections and data usage throughout the region continue to grow tremendously.



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