Zoom Reportedly Signs Up Its Fastest Partner Yet

Zoom reportedly signs up its fastest partner yet as it snaps up a deal with Oracle Red Bull Racing. The partnership with zoom was announced by the F1 champions.

Zoom Reportedly Signs Up Its Fastest Partner Yet

Zoom Reportedly Signs Up Its Fastest Partner Yet

Video conferencing platform and service, zoom is now extending its reach into formula 1 with an all-new partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing. Zoom has already announced that it will soon become the official communications provider for the current Formula 1 world champions thus providing a vast range of services to the team as they travel all over the world in their pursuit of a second consecutive title.

“We are very excited about partnering with Zoom,” Team Principal and CEO of Oracle Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner noted. “Their forward-thinking approach to communications mirrors our attitude to racing on track. They are fast, secure, and reliable in everything they deliver. Zoom’s proven track record of innovation will enhance our communication capabilities and provide us with a cohesive platform that will continue to bind the entire team together.”

The Partnership Will See the Team Utilize a Whole Range of Zoom Tools and Services

The partnership between both entities will see the team utilize a whole range of zoom tools and services across the remaining part of the 2022 F1 season, from the headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK, down to the pit walls at the remaining eight races.

Some of the services include zoom chat which will allow team members to quickly send messages and also collaborate with colleagues no matter where they are on the globe. And if needed, these zoom chats can be turned into a video meeting with just a single click if needed.

What Oracle Red Bull Racing Has To Say about the Partnership

“We only want to work with the best in class,” in a media briefing, Horner revealed to TechRadar Pro. “Zoom will play a key role in how we operate on a daily basis.”

Horner also noted that zoom video meetings could also be useful for debriefs in regards to racing where team members that are now at the tracks could easily join and share their input. Calls at such could also allow colleagues to get a better reading of each other’s faces thus building a stronger team spirit and connections even though they are thousands of miles apart.

“Communication is the backbone of how we operate,” he also added, “this tool will be interwoven through everything we do as a team.”

“Having discovered we could be so productive…having that ability to interact [over Zoom] is massive for us.”

Oracle Red Bull Racing Will Use the Services of the Partnership in Expanding Its Engagement with Fans

And away from the racetrack, Oracle Red Bull racing also will be making use of zoom events in expanding its engagement with fans all over the world, therefore, running a very unique hybrid events and experiences wherever they are. Horner noted that “It’s not just about a sticker on the car.”

Zoom already has a sponsorship with Formula 1. But this new deal however will help the platform to power a specific team for the very first time and it will also help to drive the overall innovation, Janine Pelosi, Zoom CMO, noted.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Cars Will Start Sporting Zoom Livery from the Next Race

That being said, Oracle Red Bull Racing cars will start sporting zoom livery from the next race at Zandvoort in the Netherlands.

“F1 is not a nine-to-five job, it’s a way of life,” Horner told TechRadar Pro. “You have to go beyond, but also maintain a degree of flexibility with your staff. Zoom enables us to have that flexibility and also engage everybody as a team.”


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