Who Are Medicare Insurance Agents?

A Medicare Insurance agent is a licensed expert that helps people to review and evaluate medicare plans and their benefits and then guides them in choosing a preferable one. This article on “Who Are Medicare Insurance Agents?“ will be a very good review and give you all the information you need about these professionals.

Who Are Medicare Insurance Agents?

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Who Are Medicare Insurance Agents?

Generally, there are two different types of Medicare insurance agents. The first type is called the independent medicare insurance agents. This type of expert works with different insurance companies and they can enroll you in health plans from any of them.

The second type of Medicare insurance agent is called the captive Medicare agent. These agents work for just one company and their prescriptions are limited to the plans offered by the company they work for.

On the other hand, we have brokers. They are not too different from the independent Medicare insurance agents. They work with a lot of insurance companies and can prescribe health plans from any of them.

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Medicare Broker Vs Agent

The difference is very clear. While a broker is usually a firm that has a lot of insurance agents under it, an agent is just one person. Usually, a broker is connected to a lot of insurers and can prescribe a plan from any of them. Meanwhile, a single agent may be working for a firm or a broker. Some agents work for just one insurer. This means that they are limited on the types of plans they ca n offer.

How Can a Medicare Broker or Agent Help You?

Medicare agents are experts in their field and they can give the best advice about the best plans to fit any situation. Every year, these agents undergo training and pass a test on their knowledge of medicare and its health and prescription drug plans. Below are ways that these agents or brokers can help you in the following ways.

  • They can help you review your health plans
  • With Medicare insurance agents, you can evaluate your current coverage
  • These agents help you save time and efforts
  • They assist people with Medical Underwriting.

These are some of the duties of medicare agents. These agents are very important and they are properly trained to do what they do.

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Tips to choose the Best Medicare Broker for you

There are many of these agents around you but it is not very easy to pick out from the crowd especially when you are not one of them. If you have been asking this question “how can I find the best medicare insurance brokers near me?“. This is probably your answer. Don‘t just pick any insurance agent or broker you see online. The tips we have below are going to help you pick the best for you.


Make sure you go for health agents that have spent years in the industry. Medicare insurance is not a very feeble career. It may take a whole lot of years to get a good grasp of it. This does ‘t that you shouldn‘t patronize new brokers.  Brokers with a very good track recorded are usually the best to pick from.

Go for Brokers that Offer a Wide Variety of Plans

Do not choose Medicare insurance brokers that will box you up with a few sets of plans. Variety is very good in situations like this.  You should go for a broker with a wide variety of plans to suit your needs.

Don‘t Go For Brokers or Agents Selling Just One Company.

This does not mean that agents selling multiple companies are the best for you. The fact is that agents selling just one company have a higher probability of being biased with their prescriptions. Instead, go for agents or brokers having multiple insurers to work with. That way, they will give their prescriptions from a balance point of view.


Experience is very good, but if a broker does not have a track record of good reviews, you should consider moving up to the next choice. When making your choice, use track record as your major factor. This can be gotten from researching how many insurance plans they sold in the previous year and how happy those people are with their plans.


A good track record is good but choosing a medicare insurance broker with a convenient work process can bring ease to your shoulders. Some people prefer working with agents face to face, but this does not despise the fact that making purchases online and through the phone can bring a lot more ease to the process.

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How Do You Find an Agent or Broker Near You?

One of the easiest ways to find a Medicare broker near you is to do it online. You can do this by using the centers for medicare and Medicaid services at localhelp.healthcare.gov/#/. You can also find medicare health insurance agents and brokers through your state insurance department. there are lots of websites of state insurance departments that can allow you to check the license status of someone who claims to be a licensed insurance agent or broker.

How Does an Agent or Broker Get Paid?

They get paid in different ways. These agents are either employed by health care companies or have contracts with the companies that sell their plans. these people are typically paid by commission. When you get enrolled in a health plan by a broker or an agent, the agent gets a fee for that first year. When you stay an extra year in the plan, they get half the initial payment.

The commissions that these experts receive from different plans vary according to company, plan, and arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare Insurance Agents

How Can I Become a Medicare Agent?

You need to have qualifications in the insurance industry and a very solid understanding of Medicare programs and related details, such as election periods, patient eligibility requirements, pharmacy and provider networks, and prescription drug plans.

In addition, you need to acquire appropriate licenses as prescribed by your state. A lot of opportunities require a clean driving record. As a sales agent,  you need some outstanding qualities. You should be self-motivated, assertive, and persuasive, with good follow-through and the ability to pay attention to details. Strong communication skills are also very important, as the ability to present complex information clearly and engaging manner.

What Are The 4 Types Of Medicare?

There are four different parts of Medicare: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

  • Part A: inpatient/hospital coverage.
  • Part B: outpatient/medical coverage.
  • Part C: An alternate way to receive your Medicare benefits
  • Part D: prescription drug coverage

What Does a Medicare Agent Do?

Medicare agents review their clients’ health care plans and help them evaluate their various health needs and the services and coverage they are eligible to receive. they make recommendations about supplemental insurance and help their clients understand their options for prescription drugs, vision, and dental policies.

How Much Does An Insurance Agent Make On Medicare?

The amount they make depends on the type of policy and the contract level with the insurance company. They may have different commission levels with different insurance companies as well. This means that their income is not fixed.

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