UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2024

Since 1971, the UPU has been encouraging young writers aged 9-15 to participate in the International Letter-Writing Competition. This competition aims to raise awareness about the significance of postal services in our communities. In a time where digital communication prevails, the art of letter writing remains a powerful way to connect and express oneself.

UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People
UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

The UPU is proud to announce the 2024 International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People, providing a platform for youth worldwide to showcase their creativity and perspectives through writing. Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, relevance to the theme, and writing quality, including clarity, emotional impact, and reader engagement.

The competition’s goal is to promote literacy, creativity, and cultural exchange among young people globally. Funding may support educational programs, youth empowerment initiatives, or community development projects.

In 2024, participants are invited to ponder on the future under the theme: “At 150 years old, the UPU has served people worldwide for over eight generations. The world has undergone significant changes since then. Write a letter to future generations about the world you envision for them.”

Deadline for UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2024

The deadline for submitting entries to the UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2024 is May 5, 2024.

Benefits of UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

Participants stand to gain a multitude of benefits, including:

  • The top three winners internationally will receive a medal (gold, silver, or bronze) engraved with their name, or an honorable mention certificate.
  • The gold medalist will also be invited to a special awards ceremony at the UPU headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.
  • The UPU covers travel and accommodation expenses for the winner and one accompanying adult.
  • Runners-up and national winners usually receive their prizes during ceremonies held in their home countries on World Post Day, October 9th, the UPU’s founding anniversary.


Eligibility for the International Letter-Writing Competition are:

  • Participants must be young, aged 9 to 15.
  • Each country chooses its best national entry and submits it to the UPU in Switzerland.
  • The winning letter from each country competes internationally for top prizes.
  • An international jury assesses the letters and selects three winners and up to five special mentions.

Competition Rules:

  • Entries must be in letter format, including elements like a heading, greeting, body, closing, signature line, and optional postscript.
  • Letters must stick to the theme and not exceed 800 words in the original language.
  • Submissions must include a cover letter, entry form, and a high-quality picture of the winner.

Application Process for UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

To join the competition, please check out the Participants Guide 2024 here: [https://www.upu.int/getmedia/e41cf9a7-c084-4f75-8d3a-3d03e0fb54a5/2024trelloFinalILWC24-booklet-EN.pdf]. Additionally, we recommend reaching out to your national postal operator for more guidance.

  • Official Website:

To participate in the Competition for Young People 2024, interested individuals can visit the official website [https://www.upu.int/en/universal-postal-union/outreach-campaigns/international-letterwriting-competition-for-young-people?fbclid=IwAR0lWm0qvmNohamjOt7-xzWb_M62BcGtXnLe8bi42sZZSUpXBamWzbeKIVA#2024-competition].

Tips for Successful Application for UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People

  • Understand the Theme: Take time to comprehend the theme and craft a letter that effectively addresses the topic.
  • Personalize Your Message: Infuse your letter with personal anecdotes, reflections, or experiences to make it uniquely yours.
  • Revise and Edit: Refine your writing through multiple drafts, paying attention to grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  • Invoke Emotion: Aim to evoke emotions in your reader, whether through heartfelt storytelling, persuasive arguments, or inspiring messages.

In Conclusion:

As the UPU International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People 2024 nears its end, we reflect on the remarkable journey of creativity, expression, and connection it has fostered. Young voices from around the world have used pen and paper to share their perspectives, dreams, and aspirations. In these letters, we discover a rich tapestry of experiences, emotions, and ideas interwoven with the common theme of youth empowerment. Each word written demonstrates the storytelling prowess and the influence of genuine expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit my entry in a language other than English?

Yes, entries in all languages are welcome. However, English translations must be provided for non-English submissions.

Is there an entry fee for participation?

No, participation in the competition is free of charge.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Participants may submit only one entry each.



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