Apply Now for MCN Millennium Oceans Prize for Youth Activist 2024 (Up to $5,000 prize)

The tenth edition of the Millennium Oceans Prize is back to endorse and honor students who exhibit a strong commitment to the conservation, protection, and sustainable utilization of oceans, seas, and marine ecosystems.

MCN Millennium Oceans Prize for Youth Activist 2024
MCN Millennium Oceans Prize for Youth Activist 2024

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 14. This prize recognizes young advocates dedicated to enhancing their communities through promoting marine and freshwater conservation and responsible marine resource management.

Winners of the Millennium Oceans Prize will be provided with mentorship and a $5,000 award to realize a specific campaign concept aimed at instigating transformation. And rallying backing for advocacy, policy-making, and leadership concerning oceans and freshwater environments.


  • Receive up to $5,000 to execute your winning campaign
  • Benefit from mentorship and support provided by MCN
  • Collaborate in co-curating campaign action groups, mobilizing and coordinating with peers who share a passion for SDG 14
  • Contribute writings for the media partners of the program about your campaign
  • Collaborate with MCN and the Remmer Family Foundation to develop global webinars during the academic year to keep peers engaged and involved.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The opportunity is open to young leaders who have proven their capability to mobilize and maintain the involvement of their peers. For a whole academic year towards the preservation and preservation of the oceans and marine life. Although the campaigns that they will undertake will have time limits. Their influence should serve as a stepping stone for the next wave of student movements.
  • The program is exclusively intended for undergraduate applicants.
  • The selection criteria depend on the potential to inspire and rally young associates on various campuses worldwide either via environmental activism, social entrepreneurship, or scientific ventures, specifically in supporting the oceans, freshwater systems, sustainable fishing, and marine conservation.

How To Apply

To apply for this opportunity, click here.

For additional information visit the Official Website of the MCN Millennium Oceans Prize  

Application Deadline

March 30th, 2024.



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