GBIF Graduate Researchers Award 2024 (Up to €5,000 Prizes) – APPLY NOW

The yearly initiative is designed to promote and acknowledge inventive research and breakthroughs in biodiversity informatics by graduate students whose master’s and doctoral research are reliant on data facilitated by GBIF.

GBIF Graduate Researchers Award

GBIF is a global network and research platform financed by governments worldwide, to enable open access to data about all forms of life on our planet for everyone, regardless of location.


The 2024 program will award two prizes of €5,000 each to acknowledge the contributions of two early-career researchers. Ideally, one prize will be awarded to a master’s candidate and the other to a PhD candidate, both of whom must be formally nominated by the heads of delegation or node managers of GBIF Participant countries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants are required to submit a support letter confirming their enrollment in a university graduate program to qualify for the award. In addition, they must meet up with one of the following criteria:
  • Hold citizenship in a country participating in GBIF.
  • Be enrolled as students at an institution situated in a GBIF participant country.
  • Nominations can be submitted by the GBIF delegation or node from either the candidate’s country of citizenship or the country where the candidate’s host institution is based.

Selection Criteria

The awards’ criteria consist of:

  • Originality and creativity
  • Utilization and strategic importance of data accessed through GBIF.
  • Demonstrable effectiveness and impact in advancing biodiversity informatics and/or the conservation of biological diversity.

Proposals that are not chosen may be revised and resubmitted for review in future years.

Award nomination packet

Applicants are required to assemble their proposal and nomination packets, which should include:

  • Summary of the research (200 words)
  • Project description (maximum 5 pages, 12-point Arial) should outline the following:
  • How the research contributes to biodiversity informatics and/or the preservation of biological diversity.
  • The utilization of data accessed through GBIF to address these objectives. Research proposals should clearly illustrate how the study integrates data mobilized through GBIF. Students seeking clarification on GBIF-enabled data are encouraged to collaborate with academic advisors, their GBIF national node, the GBIF Secretariat, or members of the Science Committee to enhance their comprehension.
  • The research’s scope, plan, methodologies, pertinent literature references, and schedule.
  • If applicable, a summary or section from a data management plan detailing how research-related data is published or will be prepared for publication through the GBIF network to
  • Curriculum vitae of the student applicant, comprising complete contact details at the home institution.
  • Supporting documents
  • A formal letter from the student’s faculty mentor/supervisor confirming the applicant’s good standing in the university’s graduate program.
  • One to three letters of endorsement from experienced researchers engaged in a field that encompasses and integrates biodiversity informatics (e.g., genetics, species composition, and traits, it g biogeography, ecology, systematics, etc.).

Application process

  • Students who wish to be nominated should seek endorsement from the Head of Delegation or node manager of a GBIF Voting or Associate Participant country(as listed on the complete list ). National participants are responsible for creating their own timelines and procedures for receiving and managing student applications. Therefore, graduate students interested in being nominated should refer to the websites of their national GBIF Participants or directly contact the Head of Delegation or node manager.
  • At the national level, student proposals will be initially reviewed and given priority. GBIF national nodes are encouraged to collaborate closely with academic communities, higher education institutions, and relevant university programs and research groups in their respective countries.
  • National Heads of Delegation and/or node managers can nominate a maximum of two candidates per country to the GBIF Secretariat via the provided email address on the official website by the submission deadline of 24 June 2024. Heads of Delegations, in partnership with node managers, will ensure that submissions are comprehensive and include all the required elements. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Visit the official website of GBIF Award for more information.

Application Deadline

June 24, 2024.

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