ARM Labs Innovation Programme 2024

The ARM Labs Investment Program (ALIP) is a pre-accelerator initiative specifically designed to assist early-stage startups and aspiring tech founders. It aims to provide comprehensive support by offering guidance, valuable resources, and mentorship.

ARM Labs Innovation Programme 2024
ARM Labs Innovation Programme 2024

ALIP helps participants refine their business ideas, develop their products or services, and prepare them for further acceleration and investment opportunities.

Program Details

ARM Labs serves as more than just an innovation lab; it acts as a dynamic catalyst for positive and sustainable change. Their core principles encompass ambition, proximity, impact, and truth, fostering an environment where bold aspirations meet diverse perspectives. They firmly believe in the transformative power of innovation to bridge the gap between sustainability and progress.

Throughout a span of 8 weeks, ARM Labs operates closely with each startup, placing significant emphasis on enhancing their products. Market strategies, and team dynamics to ensure their preparedness for success.

Participants of the program are granted valuable access to the vast ARM network. Along with exclusive partnerships and advantageous deals from collaborating organizations. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work closely with expert mentors hailing from the fintech industry.

This access enables startups to leverage the knowledge, resources, and connections necessary for their growth and success. These mentors provide practical guidance, crucial introductions, and valuable insights to help startups navigate their entrepreneurial journey.


  • Strategic Investment: After completing ALIP and meeting all program requirements, startups have the opportunity to receive a strategic investment of up to $50,000 from ARM in exchange for 6% equity.
  • Mentorship: Benefit from valuable guidance and support from experienced mentors and industry experts throughout the program.
  • Customized Curriculum: ALIP offers a tailored curriculum that covers essential aspects of business development. Including the POEM framework (Proposition, Organization, Economics & Milestones).
  • Market Access and Networking: Gain access to a diverse network of industry players, potential partners, and investors, creating valuable connections and opportunities.
  • Investor Readiness: ALIP is specifically designed to equip startups with the necessary skills and knowledge to be prepared for future funding rounds.
  • Visibility and Branding: Showcase your startup to a wider audience and enhance your visibility through the platform provided by ALIP.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Early-stage companies in the pre-seed phase are eligible to apply (having raised less than 500k before applying).
  • Startups should have demonstrated market demand for their products or services. Which can be shown through an active customer base or a proven growth rate.
  • The founding team must be committed and willing to dedicate full-time to the program.
  • Market validation is crucial, including user traction, customer feedback, and initial revenue streams.
  • The program offers a hybrid approach, with both virtual and in-person communication, based on session requirements.
  • Startups must agree to the investment terms before entering the program.
  • It is necessary to be a legally registered entity in Nigeria to apply for ALIP.

 How To Apply

To Apply for this opportunity, click here.

Visit the official website of the ARM Labs Innovation Programme for additional information.

Application Deadline

May  10, 2024.



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