HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2024

The Justice Entrepreneurship School is HiiL’s primary incubation program aimed at supporting early-stage entrepreneurs who are addressing urgent justice needs in their communities. The program specifically targets startups in the early stages of development, where a Minimal Viable Product or Service has already been established but has limited traction.

HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2024
HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2024

The program spans over 7 weeks and emphasizes the implementation of high-quality action-based learning. It covers various aspects such as business modelling, storytelling, pitching, and justice design thinking.

HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2024

This year, the program is focused on offering support to innovative early-stage startups in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi.

Throughout the incubation program, participating startups will actively work towards quickly putting their product or service in the hands of users, continuously gathering feedback, and refining their Minimal Viable Product accordingly. This involves attracting a sufficient user base and conducting rigorous testing.


The Justice Entrepreneurship School presents a six-week program that offers justice startups a range of benefits, including:

  • A three-day immersive boot camp led by industry experts, covering areas such as business growth, team dynamics, leadership, and design thinking.
  • Personalized coaching sessions and mentorship on topics of interest to the participants.
  • Access to HiiL’s extensive network of justice leaders, legal tech organizations, and renowned researchers.
  • Certification and access to a comprehensive learning platform for self-paced learning.
  • The opportunity to compete for non-equity grant funding during the Justice Innovation Circle demo day, which concludes the program.

Eligibility Criteria HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2024

HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School is geared towards startups that:

  • Offer solutions catering to individuals facing unmet justice needs, who encounter challenges in accessing effective, affordable, easy-to-understand, and accessible means to prevent or resolve their legal issues. The focus areas include:
  • Kenya: Addressing Crime, Sexual & Gender-Based Violence, and Supporting MSMEs.
  • Burundi: Focusing on Crime, Land Disputes, Employment, and Supporting MMSMEs
  • Rwanda: Tackling Crime and Sexual & Gender-Based Violence.
  • Possess a foundational product or service, such as an existing prototype or a minimum viable offering.
  • Have gained some traction, indicated by the product being utilized by a small group of early adopters, showcasing viability and potential success.
  • Be led by a dedicated team of 2 to 3 co-founders who are passionate about justice and making a significant impact.

Application Process

Please click here  if you wish to become a part of the program.

Visit the official website of HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School   for additional information

Application Deadline

May 31, 2024.



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