Tech Experts Will Address the Climate Challenge at COP28

A group comprising faculty, staff, and students from Michigan Technological University will depart later this month for the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The delegation consists of 16 students from the College of Sciences and Arts, with leadership from Professors Mark Rouleau and Roman Sidortsov (both from the College of Social Sciences), Professor Emerita Sarah Green (Department of Chemistry), and Adjunct Professor Shardul Tiwari (College of Social Sciences).

Tech Experts Will Address the Climate Challenge at COP28
Tech Experts Will Address the Climate Challenge at COP28

Tech Experts Will Address the Climate Challenge at COP28

This event, known as COP (Conference of the Parties), marks the 28th gathering of people from around the world with the aim of accelerating the energy transition, reducing emissions, enhancing climate finance, and prioritizing nature, people, lives, and livelihoods in climate action.

Michigan Tech’s delegation will play a central role as co-hosts of a COP pavilion. The “Welcome to Just North and Beyond: A Pop-up University Pavilion” is the result of collaboration between American, British, and Norwegian universities committed to advancing sustainable development with a focus on energy, environmental, and climate justice.

Pioneering Climate Solutions from Northern Collaborations and Innovations

This pavilion is jointly organized by Michigan Tech, the University of Tromsø (the Arctic University of Norway), and the University of Sussex in the U.K., in cooperation with the European Union-funded JUSTNORTH Horizon 2020 project. It will bring together a wealth of complementary knowledge, expertise, and insights from northern regions heavily affected by climate change.

According to Sidortsov, an associate professor of energy policy, “Our delegation at this year’s U.N. climate conference truly demonstrates the depth and breadth of Michigan Tech’s efforts in the field of energy transition and climate change. We are collaborating with colleagues from various universities to organize an engaging lineup of presentations, short courses, and press conferences that highlight their insights on climate, environmental, and energy justice, policy, and governance.”

He added, “It’s exciting to share our work on the potential for underground hydroelectric power storage and how we can help communities transition away from carbon-based energy systems. Presenting this work at a global conference, where attendees come from all over the world, is particularly thrilling because they will see how our innovations can assist them in transitioning to alternative energy sources. This work is relatively new and is just beginning to be implemented and validated in real installations, so the more people who are exposed to it, the greater the benefit for everyone.

Michigan Tech has a remarkable track record at COP meetings, including hosting a pavilion. The university is among a select few with observer status and delegate privileges. The delegation leads a network of institutions with a strong focus on energy, environmental, and climate justice.

COP28 is scheduled from November 30 to December 12, and those with blue zone access who wish to present at the pavilion are encouraged to participate.

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