Global Pluralism Award 2025 (A Total Prize of $150,000 CAD)

The Global Pluralism Award is a prestigious acknowledgement that honours individuals, organizations, governments, and businesses that actively promote and embody pluralism. This biennial award celebrates their remarkable efforts in creating societies that embrace and protect diversity.

Global Pluralism Award
Global Pluralism Award

The Global Centre for Pluralism, an independent charitable organization established by His Highness the Aga Khan and the Government of Canada, grants the Award. The Centre collaborates with policymakers, educators, and community builders globally to amplify and implement the positive influence of pluralism. The generous support of TD Bank Group contributes to making this recognition possible.


  • A total prize pool of $150,000 (CAD) will be distributed among three Award winners, with each recipient receiving an equal share of $50,000 (CAD).
  • By the end of 2025, the three Award winners and a maximum of seven honourable mention recipients, or their representatives, will be personally invited to attend the Award ceremony.
  • In addition to the monetary prize, the Centre plans to partner with the winners of the Award and recipients of honourable mentions in 2026 to create a program that offers support and involvement beyond just financial assistance.

This could encompass various forms of assistance, such as communication support, participation in collaborative events and global gatherings, or opportunities to engage in the research and educational initiatives of the Centre.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates and entities from all countries are eligible to apply, including:
  • Individuals representing various fields such as artists, journalists, academics, policymakers, filmmakers, and more.
  • Civil society organizations, which can include professional associations, faith-based organizations, labour unions, non-profit research or educational institutions, local community groups, non-governmental organizations, foundations, think tanks, and others.
  • Social enterprises.
  • Public or private corporations.
  • Public or private educational, research, and policy institutions.
  • Government entities at the local, municipal, regional, or federal/national level.

In addition

  • The Award cannot be granted posthumously; candidates must be living at the time of nomination.
  • Candidates should not have applied for the Award more than once in the past.
  • Candidates who have not been previously awarded the Global Pluralism Award or received an honorable mention are eligible.
  • Candidates should not be affiliated with the Government of Canada or the Aga Khan Development Network as an agency, employee, or institutional project. However, partner organizations or grantees associated with these entities can apply.
  • Candidates should not be members of the Jury, the Centre’s Board or staff, former jurors, Centre’s Director emeritus, or consultants receiving payments from the Centre during the nomination period. Additionally, close relatives and organizations owned or operated by Jury members, Board members, Centre’s Director Emeriti, former jurors, and staff are also ineligible.
  • Candidates must not have a criminal record involving violent crimes, terrorism, or other unlawful activities. They should not have publicly expressed extremist views.

 How  To Apply/Nominate

  • The Centre welcomes submissions directly from candidates or through third-party nominations. The form of the submission will not affect its consideration by the Jury.
  • Unfortunately, the Centre can only accept submissions in English or French at present.
  • To apply or Nominate, click here .

Visit the official website of Global Pluralism Award for further information.

Application Deadline

May 17, 2024.

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