Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024 (Up to $250,000 In prizes)

The Waislitz Global Citizen Awards, which have been held for a decade, are annual cash prizes worth a total of $250,000. These awards aim to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to ending extreme poverty. The top prize is $100,000, and there are two additional prizes of $75,000 each, making a total of three prizes.

Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024
Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024

The Waislitz Foundation and Global Citizen collaborate to present these awards. The primary objective of the Waislitz Foundation is to generate positive social change on both local and global scales. They aim to achieve this by implementing innovative initiatives that empower individuals to maximize their capabilities and create tangible, meaningful impact in the world.

The Chairman and Founder of the Waislitz Foundation, Alex Waislitz, believes that ending extreme poverty is not a choice but an obligation. He hopes that these awards will inspire thousands of people worldwide to take action and improve the living conditions of those in desperate need.


The 2024 Waislitz Global Citizen Awards consist of three cash awards amounting to $250,000 in total:

  • The Waislitz Global Citizen Award (Grand Prize) is valued at $100,000.
  • The Waislitz Global Citizen Disruptor Award with a prize of $75,000.
  • The Waislitz Global Citizens’ Choice Award also carries a prize of $75,000.
  • Alongside the monetary prizes, the three winners will receive recognition through editorial pieces showcased on the Global Citizen platform and across various social media channels.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria for entrants require them to be 18 years of age or older.
  • Individuals from any part of the world can participate.
  • Applications are open to individuals engaged in impactful work and who have a registered legal entity, including non-profits, for-profits, B-corps, social enterprises, etc.
  • Applicants must directly apply for the awards themselves.
  • While the awards are presented to individuals, if they are affiliated with an organization, the monetary prize will be allocated to that respective organization. 

Evaluation Criteria

All applicants will undergo evaluation based on their individual merits, using the following five key areas as benchmarks:

  • Global Citizenship: Does the applicant represent and embody the values and principles of a Global Citizen?
  • Proof of Concept: Does the applicant possess a strong proof of concept showcasing 1-2 years of impact towards ending extreme poverty?
  • Disruption: Has the applicant successfully created a measurable impact through innovative methods that challenge the systems allowing extreme poverty to persist?
  • Scalability: How will winning this award help the applicant scale up or enhance their work?
  • Adaptability: Can the applicant offer evidence of their ability to adapt and evolve to changing circumstances?

Application Process

To be a part of this opportunity, click on the apply button.

Visit the official website of Waislitz Global Citizen Awards for additional information.

Application Deadline

June 3, 2024.



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