Zendesk Foundation Tech for Good Impact Award 2024 (Up to $50,000 Award)

The awards offer complimentary software and several grants to nonprofit organizations worldwide. They are interested in supporting organizations or initiatives that aim to create a meaningful impact in the following areas of focus defined by the Zendesk Foundation:

Zendesk Foundation Tech For Good Impact Award 2024
Zendesk Foundation Tech For Good Impact Award 2024
  • Foster community: facilitating connections that provide assistance and enable individuals to flourish.
  • Promoting resilience during times of crisis: protecting against emergencies and alleviating human hardship.
  • Establishing career pathways in technology: bridging the economic opportunity divide and decreasing unemployment.


The impact awards will grant several prizes ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 per organization. Additionally, Zendesk Tech for Good will offer complimentary product donations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nonprofit organizations that aim to utilize Zendesk software directly for the benefit of community members are eligible.
  • Organizations should demonstrate the capacity to incorporate new technology, indicating a prior or ongoing investment in technology and platform solutions to enhance services for community members.
  • Most organizations should be ready to independently install and configure the provided software using the available online resources, preferably with the assistance of a dedicated IT staff member.
  • The organizations and their proposed projects should align with the Foundation’s primary focus areas, which include fostering community, promoting resilience during crises, and establishing career opportunities in the tech industry.

Evaluation Criteria

The Zendesk Social Impact review committee will assess applications based on the following criteria:

  • Programmatic Fit: Applicants need to demonstrate how the use of new technology and grant funding will support the goals of the beneficiary communities and programs.
  • Alignment with Zendesk Foundation Focus Areas: Applicants should show alignment with the Zendesk Foundation’s focus areas, which include fostering community, promoting resilience, and creating career pathways in the tech industry.
  • Exclusion of Internal Use Cases: Unfortunately, projects or organizations seeking to use Zendesk for internal purposes such as HR, staff, or volunteer management are currently not eligible for this program. Successful applicants will need to demonstrate how Zendesk’s software will contribute towards their external program goals.
  • Agents of Change Program Requirements: Applicants applying for the Agents of Change program must showcase their interest in either incorporating a CX agent training program into their existing workforce training program or launching a CX agent training program. These groups may include, but are not limited to:
  • Communities that have historically faced limited access to technology training programs due to financial status, ethnicity, race, religion, age, cognitive or physical abilities, gender, or sexuality.
  • Refugees or displaced persons.
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals or returning citizens.
  • Other communities experiencing long-term unemployment.

How to Apply

To commence your application process, Click here.

Visit the official website of Zendesk Foundation Tech for Good Impact Award for more information.

Application Deadline

August 15, 2024.



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