2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards: Recognizing Excellence in Media

The 2024 INMA “30 Under 30” Awards celebrate young professionals in the news media industry who bring fresh perspectives and innovation to the workplace.

2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards
2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards

The International News Media Association (INMA) seeks 30 rising stars under 30 who have made early-career achievements and show potential in various areas of media companies. They value diversity and aim to recognize individuals from different backgrounds.

Nominations are now open for the prestigious awards, which highlight outstanding individuals making a significant impact in the media industry. The INMA Awards have a history of honoring the young talent and continue to be a symbol of innovation and leadership in journalism and media worldwide.


The submission deadline is June 28, 2024.

Benefits of 2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards

Here are the benefits:

  • Global recognition through a virtual announcement, INMA.org blog, and press release.
  • Certificate of recognition.
  • Social media badge for personal use.
  • Free access to 2 INMA virtual Master Classes.
  • 12-month membership in INMA (for non-members).
  • Complimentary ticket to the “Media Innovation Week 2023” conference part.

Eligibility Criteria of 2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards

The eligibility for 2024 INMA Awards includes:

  • You need to work for a news media company.
  • You should be younger than 30 by September 1, 2024.
  • You must be a forward thinker, shaping the news media landscape.
  • Your career should showcase your expertise and achievements.
  • You should possess soft skills like being eager to learn, a team player, and having an entrepreneurial mindset, which are traits of a great leader or talent.

Application Process of 2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards

You can apply for yourself by filling out the online form at https://www.inma.org/Initiatives/30Under30/index.html. If you’re over 30, don’t worry—you can still nominate a colleague using the same form

  • There’s no application fee for the “30 Under 30” Awards.

Selection Process:

  • Out of the six global communities within INMA, five outstanding individuals will be recognized in each:
  • Advertising
  • Data
  • Leadership
  • Editorial Leadership
  • Product
  • Reader Revenue

Judging Panel:

The recipients will be chosen by members of the INMA Young Professionals Initiative Committee and the broader INMA Community.

Tips for Successful Application of 2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards

The Tips for Successful Application includes:

  • Highlight your unique contributions and achievements in the media industry.
  • Provide concrete examples and evidence of your impact and leadership.
  • Secure strong letters of recommendation from respected professionals in the field.
  • Tailor your application to align with the goals and values of the INMA Awards program.
  • Double-check all submission requirements and deadlines to ensure a complete and timely application.

In Conclusion:

The 2024 INMA’s “30 Under 30” Awards stand as a beacon of recognition for outstanding young talent in the media industry. Through these awards, the International News Media Association (INMA) celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional skill, innovation, and leadership in journalism and media. By highlighting the achievements of these young professionals, the INMA Awards inspire others and foster a culture of excellence and creativity within the industry. As winners, honorees gain access to global recognition, networking opportunities, and potential funding avenues, further propelling their careers and contributions to the continued evolution of media worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I nominate myself for the “30 Under 30” Awards?

Yes, self-nominations are accepted, provided they meet all eligibility criteria.

Is there a limit to the number of nominations I can submit?

No, there is no limit to the number of nominations an individual or organization can submit.

Can nominees be from any country or region?

Yes, the awards are open to young professionals from around the world.



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