National Library Digital Fellowship 2024 (S$3,500 monthly stipends)

Call for applications now open for the National Library Digital Fellowship 2024. This Fellowship is designed to foster pioneering research endeavors within the realm of digital humanities.  Scholars and researchers from around the globe who meet the specified eligibility criteria are invited to apply.

National Library Digital Fellowship
National Library Digital Fellowship

The National Library Digital Fellowship is a commitment to leveraging the rich archival treasures housed within the esteemed National Library, Singapore (NLS), and the esteemed National Archives of Singapore (NAS).

Through synergistic collaborations between scholars and institutions, the program aims to harness the power of digital technologies and computational methodologies to unearth fresh insights into the multifaceted Singaporean and Southeast Asian history, arts, and culture.

National Library Digital Fellowship

The canvas of research possibilities within the National Library Digital Fellowship is as expansive as it is exhilarating. Applicants are encouraged to conceptualize projects that harness the full potential of digital tools and methods to illuminate the narratives woven within the collections of the NLS and NAS.

So, be it through textual analysis, visual exploration, data visualization, or digital storytelling, scholars are invited to chart new territories of knowledge and understanding.

Research Area

The research areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Place histories in Singapore
  • History and networks of early communities in Singapore
  • Analysis of Singapore newspapers
  • Comparative study of early Singapore/Malayan publications

Who Can Apply for National Library Digital Fellowship?

Terms of the Award

  • Upon successful selection to participate in the National Library Digital Fellowship, fellows are entrusted with a six-month sojourn into the realms of discovery and innovation.
  • During this period, fellows are invited to immerse themselves fully in their research pursuits, unencumbered by concurrent employment obligations.
  • Fellows are expected to commence their Fellowship within 3 months of the award unless otherwise agreed upon.


  • Fellows are provided with a stipend of S$3,500 per month to cover for their living expenses, local transportation and photocopying expenses.
  • In addition to the stipend, overseas Fellows receive a one-time relocation coverage of  $1,500, with a one-time return airfare of up to $1500, and an accommodation allowance of $3,500 monthly.
  • Another stipend of up to $1,500 (on a reimbursement basis) is provided to Fellows to purchase software and content related to the project and/or used for the duration of the fellowship.

Fellows are also provided with the following:

  • A space for research at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library, with access to a stable Internet computer
  • Access to digitized materials and collection metadata
  • Fellows are introduced to library staff for recommendations on relevant collections and resources.

How to Apply

Applications for National Library Digital Fellowship must include:

  1. The completed application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae that includes the following information:
  • Professional seminars/ papers/public lectures presented
  • A list of major publications.
  • Previous and current work on digital humanities projects
  1. A proposal (10 pages maximum) that contains the following:
  • An outline of the proposed topic of research, including details of the NLS and/or NAS collections
  • Anticipated outcomes and significance of the proposed research.
  • Audiences for the intended project.

For further information about the Fellowship, and how to apply, please visit the official website on   

Selection Criteria:

Fellowship applicants undergo a rigorous evaluation process, with criteria ranging from the originality of their research proposals to their demonstrated competency and expertise.

Each application is scrutinized with attention to detail, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are entrusted with the  fellowship opportunity

Application Deadline

June 14, 2024. Late submissions will not be entertained.



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