Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship 2024 at Girton College | £10,000 Stipend

The 2024 Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship programme at Girton College is now open for applications. This annual fellowship, in collaboration with Girton College, epitomizes the convergence of art and science, fostering a dynamic space where creativity flourishes and boundaries dissolve.

Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship

Thanks to the vision and support of Una Ryan, the Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship at Girton College, welcomes applications from artists seeking to transcend traditional paradigms and embark on journeys of exploration.

Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship Details

This edition of Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship is scheduled to commence in October 2024 and concluding in October 2025. The fellowship is held annually with Participants (Artists) from across the globe to engage on an immersive journey at Cambridge.

The residency period will run for a duration of six (6) months to a year, which affords artists the flexibility of going deep into their creative processes amidst the esteemed academic atmosphere of Girton College.

Eligibility Criteria for Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship

  • The fellowship extends invitation to artists of all backgrounds, devoid of any constraints related to aesthetics, themes, or mediums.
  • Those with no prior experience in scientific realms, are encouraged to apply
  • The fellowship seeks pioneers who challenge conventional wisdom and engage with marginalized communities.
  • It welcomes applications from adventurous souls who dare to push the boundaries of artistic and scientific discourse.

Benefits of Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship

  • Stipend: A generous stipend of £10,000 is awarded to the selected candidate, covering all applicable taxes and serving as a sustenance allowance.
  • Accommodation and Meals: During the residency period in Cambridge, artists are offered rent-free accommodation and wholesome meals at Girton College.
  • Production Budget: A production budget of £10,000 is earmarked to nurture the development of new artistic works, empowering artists to manifest their visions into tangible realities.
  • Travel Allowance: Recognizing the diverse geographic origins of applicants, a travel budget of up to £3,000 is allocated to defray the expenses associated with traveling to and from Cambridge during the fellowship tenure.

How to Apply

For more information, please visit the official website on

Application Deadline

19th May, 23:59 British Summer Time (GMT+1).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I apply jointly with another artist?

Yes, joint applications from artist partnerships are welcomed. Applicants are encouraged to outline their collaborative vision and approach within the application.

Can I present my work in a language other than English?

The Fellowship celebrates diversity, but written sections of the application form must be submitted in English to facilitate the review process.

Will I need to come to Cambridge for an interview?

No, all interviews will be conducted remotely via Zoom, ensuring convenience for applicants irrespective of their geographic location.

What accommodation is offered?

Rent-free accommodation is provided at Girton College during the residency period, featuring facilities conducive to both creative exploration and daily living needs.

Will I need a visa?

Depending on the duration of the residency and the applicant’s country of origin, a visa may be required. Applicants are advised to consult relevant authorities for visa requirements.

Can I work whilst on the Fellowship?

The fellowship is designed to accommodate existing commitments and projects, allowing flexibility for artists to balance their engagements alongside the fellowship responsibilities.

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