Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge Into Use Awards 2024

Global Resilience Partnership are thrilled to announce the third round of “Knowledge into Use” awards this year! These awards offer a unique opportunity to promote resilience, celebrate creativity, and encourage innovation in how we engage with the latest resilience evidence.

Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge Into Use Awards 2024
Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge Into Use Awards 2024

The “Knowledge into Use” awards aim to recognize innovative and creative methods of showcasing resilience evidence. This year’s contest will focus on the themes of Food, Finance and/or Communities. We encourage both individuals and organizations to tap into their artistic potential, combine it with robust evidence, and express it through art.

Winners in each of three categories- performing arts, visualizing evidence, and participatory approaches connecting arts and science- will receive a prize of 100,000 Swedish Krona. Entrants are encouraged to create works that connect people and nature and draw from peer-reviewed articles, grey literature, and/or people’s experiences.


  • Receive a grant of 100,000 Swedish Krona to develop their project focused on creative resilience.
  • Showcase their artistic work during Gobeshona 2025 or New York Climate Week 2024.
  • Join the Resilience Evidence Coalition, a community of practice dedicated to resilience evidence.
  • Receive invitations to participate in GRP and partner events such as CBA and Gobeshona.
  • Receive support from the GRP communications team in crafting project progress stories for publication on the Resilience Platform and GRP website.
  • Collaborate with the GRP communications team to create social media content for organization and product outreach.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only registered organizations are eligible to submit entries.
  • If individual artists, science communicators, or knowledge brokers wish to apply, they can collaborate with registered organizations. The grant contract will be awarded solely to registered organizations.
  • Organizations and candidates from the Global South, as well as youth-led organizations, are highly encouraged to apply.


  • The concept note/idea should be concise and be supported by credible evidence, with references to reports or research papers to validate the resilience of the knowledge being applied;
  • The funding received should be utilized for new artwork that expands upon findings from existing research;
  • The artistic medium can include, but is not restricted to, games, comics, graphic arts, performing arts, etc.;
  • It is encouraged to creatively integrate science with aspects of justice, equity, and indigenous/local knowledge, drawing from existing evidence on these subjects;
  • Selection of winners will be based on the innovative expression and the strong evidence base of the knowledge presented in the application;
  • The grants are intended to support teams in creatively implementing or expressing their ideas in time for a potential showcase at the New York Climate Week in September 2024 or other suitable events such as Gobeshona 2025.

Expected deliverables

  • One art installation or a variety of creative works, including professionally produced performance videos, visual graphics, cartoons, recipes, and citizen science projects like murals, that demonstrate the project’s vision and concept
  • Documentation of the process, including scripts and explanations of the motivation behind performance art, descriptions of participatory approaches, and other relevant details
  • A minimum of two social media posts containing high-resolution photos, short videos, and other engaging content
  • At least two Resilience Resources, which can be stories or solutions, to be shared on the Resilience Platform

Selection Criteria

The panel of experts will evaluate all submissions, and their decisions will be final and not open to appeal. Entries will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality: How effectively does the project use artistic expression to communicate resilience evidence in a compelling and emotional way? How original and innovative is the artistic approach in visualizing resilience evidence?
  • Evidence Base of Knowledge: To what extent does the project incorporate existing literature to support its evidence-based approach? How well is the artistic expression grounded in scientific knowledge related to resilience? Does the project introduce new evidence or insights into resilience or contribute meaningfully to existing knowledge?
  • Impact and Engagement: How effectively does the arts-based approach disseminate, capture, or drive collaboration for resilience building? How many individuals or communities does the initiative engage with and positively impact?
  • Collaboration and Team Composition: How well does the team composition demonstrate collaborative efforts between research experts, artists, and innovators?
  • Clarity and Communication: Is the concept note well-written, concise, and able to effectively communicate the artistic vision and evidence-based rationale? Does the proposal clearly outline the project’s goals and potential outcomes?

How To Apply

Please make sure to submit both the concept note and the creative piece that aligns with the given instructions through the provided Google form no later than May 26th, 2024.

Visit the official website of Global Resilience Partnership Knowledge  for further information.

Application Deadline

May 26, 2024.



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