CTO Caribbean Media Awards 2024

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has declared the comeback of the Caribbean Media Awards, a distinguished recognition bestowed upon journalists and influencers who have made a significant impact in promoting Caribbean tourism.

CTO Caribbean Media Awards 2024
CTO Caribbean Media Awards 2024

The awards ceremony, aimed at highlighting exceptional media contributions from the United States and the Caribbean, is slated to occur during the lively festivities of Caribbean Week in New York from June 16 to 21, 2024.

Award Categories

They are looking for entries in the following award categories:

  • Best Feature Article or Story: Recognizes outstanding long-form storytelling (in print or online) that provides a thorough analysis, captivating narratives, and fresh perspectives on Caribbean culture, history, and more.
  • Best News Reporting: Commends exceptional journalism that covers breaking news, events, or significant issues in the Caribbean region, demonstrating accuracy and integrity.
  • Best Podcast/Radio: Celebrates excellence in podcasting and radio reporting, whether it involves storytelling, interviews, or informative discussions that offer engaging and enlightening Caribbean content.
  • Best Photojournalism: Honors impactful visual storytelling through photography, capturing the essence of life in the Caribbean region. Including daily life, cultural events, natural landscapes, and social issues.
  • Best Video Production: Recognizes exceptional video productions, including televised news segments, short films. Or online video content that beautifully showcases the diverse and vibrant aspects of Caribbean culture, people, and landscapes.
  • Best Social Media Campaign: Commends innovative and impactful social media campaigns (led by journalists or influencers) that effectively engage audiences, raise awareness, or drive positive change on Caribbean-related issues.
  • Best Personal Immersive Story: Highlights a feature story that showcases in-depth exploration and integration into off-the-beaten-path destinations, capturing the essence of the experience.
  • Diaspora Journalist of the Year: Honors members of the Diaspora community who contribute to Caribbean tourism through their compelling storytelling.
  • Emerging Journalist of the Year: Recognizes the accomplishments of talented and promising journalists, reporters, or content creators. Who have shown exceptional skill, potential, and dedication to excellence in Caribbean media.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility is limited to entries submitted by CTO government members, their public relations agencies, or qualified media.
  • Newspaper or magazine entries must have a minimum circulation of 20,000 (1,000 for Caribbean media).
  • All entries must have been published or broadcast in the year 2023.
  • Only a single submission is permissible per category per individual.
  • Submissions should demonstrate creativity, a well-informed understanding of the Caribbean, and an intriguing story angle.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria for the entries will be as follows:

  • Content: This includes the relevance, accuracy, cohesiveness of the material, and adherence to journalistic standards.
  • Structure & Form: It evaluates the relevance of the topic, clarity, pace, and overall structure of the entry. Including the introduction, development, and conclusion. It also focuses on the presentation of information and ideas.
  • Title: The assessment considers the relevance of the title, conciseness, and clarity.
  • Quality of Language: It examines the use of language, syntax, and sentence structure for their quality.
  • Originality: This criterion looks at the originality of ideas, the ability to spark the audience’s curiosity, and the overall boldness and creativity displayed.

 Application Process

The participants must submit their entries by the given deadline of May 8, 2024, through the link provided, which is https://bit.ly/caribbeanmediaawards.

For more information please visit the official website of CTO Caribbean Media Awards.

 Application Deadline

May 8, 2024.



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