Best Photo Sharing Platforms for Photographers – Top 10 Picks

There are many photo-sharing platforms available, but it can be hard to determine which platform is best for what you need. This article will provide you with the top 10 best photo sharing platforms for Photographers available, be it for storing, sharing, or showcasing your work.

Best Photo Sharing Platforms for Photographers

Top 10 Photo Sharing Platforms for Photographers

As a professional or beginner photographer, you might be looking for the best platform to upload your best photos and snaps. There are many sites available, and they all have their own characteristics and features. To save you the stress of searching for a trusted and reliable platform to upload your best images, here are our top 10 combinations of photo-sharing and storage platforms to choose from:

  • Flickr
  • 500px
  • SmugMug
  • Instagram
  • Photobucket
  • Pinterest
  • Imgur
  • Google Photos
  • Unsplash
  • Dropbox


Flickr is a popular photo-sharing site. The platform offers a massive amount of storage with a well-designed interface. It remains the best option for both beginners and professional photographers. The platform has a large array of tools and tagging features and offers support for both viewing and downloading pictures in different resolutions, including the original size.

On the platform, there is a stats engine that allows users to track who is looking at their pictures and an easy drag-and-drop system that allows you to organize your photos and albums as well as collections of photos from you and other photographers.


  • simple to use
  • Online photo editor
  • Photo sharing community
  • No storage limit
  • Extensive tagging features
  • excellent tool selections


500px has been a great photo-sharing platform since it was created in 2009. The platforms allow you to interact with professional photographers or get inspiration. They usually focus on displaying the best photographs. When you upload a photo, it will go live within 24 hours. The more likes and remarks you get, the more your photograph will become well known. They also provide photographers with the ability to license and sell their photos in the 500px Marketplace.

The platform provides a free service option that allows you to upload up to seven photos per week, and you can upgrade to the other two paid options, which are” awesome” which cost $4.99 per month, or to “Pro”, which costs $9.99 per month.


  • Portfolio creation
  • Connect photographers
  • Affordable subscriptions
  • Low-cost subscriptions


SmugMug is a nice platform that offers a stylish space for your photos. It has a custom homepage and many well-designed templates. SmugMug has unlimited storage spaces for photos and a wide range of editing tools that look simple to use but are powerful. With the platform, users can upload and sell their photos directly.

The sites have no long-term free version. However, they offer a 14-day free trial. The cheapest plan available on the platform is $9 per month, and a pro plan that rises up to $360 per year offers professional features like e-commerce tools.


  • ability to sell photos
  • 14-day free trial
  • E-commerce feature
  • Unlimited storage
  • There are numerous template options.


Instagram is a popular social media photo-sharing platform that can be easily used by anyone with a smartphone or PC. The platform offers services to over 700 million people. The platforms allow users to easily edit and make their photos better. You can simply create an account on your smartphone and start sharing photos. The app features easy scrolling, liking, and commenting on pictures. Sharing photos on the platform is accomplished by using hashtags and the share feature.


  • Effective features
  • unlimited storage space
  • Share images easily.
  • Privacy settings feature


Photobucket is another photo-sharing platform that offers different plans that allow users to edit and sell their photographs from the site. However, some users complain about the sharing options for customers to preview their photographs. The platform allows users to share a link to their photos on another web page. It also has a collection of editing tools and an easy-to-use interface.

The free version option on the platform offers 250 photographs for storage, but you can upgrade to 3 other plans: “beginner,” with 25GB of storage for $6 per month, “intermediate,” with 250GB for $8 per month, and “expert,” with unlimited storage for $13 per month. For your photos, you can add tags and organize them in albums or stories. The site also provides support for selling prints. You can buy photo books with your photos on them starting at $1.99.


  • free photo-sharing platform
  • Lots of editing tools are available.
  • ability to sell prints


Pinterest is a free photo-sharing platform for photographers who like to receive feedback on their work, advertise themselves, or share pictures with friends and the public. The platform offers free functionalities for board creation and picture arrangement.

In order for you to upload photos to this photo-sharing platform, you just need to create an account. You can also connect the account to your social media profile. The platform is well known for its image hosting and large storage space, which allows users to upload an unlimited number of photographs.


  • ability to save other users’ ideas
  • Easy photo uploading
  • Feedback about your work is provided through comments.
  • Very popular


Imgur is among the list of available photo-sharing platforms that offer unlimited image storage. On the platform, you don’t need to register if you are only interested in posting pictures. If you would like to create photo albums, upload photos via email attachments, or add text, you just need to create an account for free.

One popular feature on this platform is direct linking. You will receive a link for each of your images, which you can simply attach to a forum post. There are several ways to upload images on Imgur: by pasting them on the site, entering the url, or simply selecting from your device.


  • Unlimited storage time
  • Feedback from other users

Google Photos

Google Photos is an extraordinary photo-sharing platform for uploading images in huge quantities. The app works on all popular platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. The platform is simple to use. Users upload their photos, and they will be sorted by time and location automatically. This platform is unique for its unlimited storage space and cloud storage. With the help of the platform, you can upload and share images.


  • Photo Sharing
  • supports different file formats.
  • Easy photo upload


Unsplash is a great platform for photographers to share photos. With Unsplash, you can upload, duplicate, and edit photos for free. The platform offers unlimited photo storage; all you have to do is create an account and begin sharing photos. The platform also helps display quality pictures, and it has a quick loading speed.


  • Easy navigation
  • Well designed
  • Images are free to use.
  • a large collection of images


Dropbox offers services for photo storage. This platform allows you to save different kinds of files, not only photos. Once you are done uploading on the platform, you will receive a link to a single image or entire photo album, which you can send to your friends or clients.

Dropbox has an app for smartphones that allows users to publish, send, and organize images directly from their phones. The platforms don’t support tagging, printing, or editing photos online. Dropbox is a good platform for photographers who like to back up photos, but not for those who want to permanently store their images.


  • There is plenty of storage space.
  • compatible with most platforms
  • user-friendly


Due to the large number of platforms to choose from, there is no perfect photo-sharing site that can satisfy the needs of every user. However, you can find one that meets your personal and professional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some factors to consider when choosing a photo-sharing platform?

When choosing a photo-sharing platform, you should consider the storage space, image quality, shareability, ease of use, privacy options, and cost of the platform’s subscription.

What is the best method for storing a large number of photos?

One of the best ways to share large amounts of files and photos is by uploading them to cloud storage. There are different cloud services available, like, OneDrive, Google Drive, and ExaVault, which offer large spaces for online storage.

What is the most significant risk of using a photo-sharing website?

One risk of using photo-sharing websites is that pictures posted online can be altered, copied, and shared with many people without the consent and knowledge of the owner. However, you can make use of privacy settings to limit who has access to the picture.

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