United Nations (UN) SDG Action Awards 2024

The United Nations (UN) SDG Action Awards, which is part of the UN SDG Action Campaign, celebrates projects and individuals who use creativity and innovation to advance our progress towards a sustainable, fair, and peaceful world.

United Nations (UN) SDG Action Awards 2024
United Nations (UN) SDG Action Awards 2024

It emphasizes that anyone can make a difference and create positive change, even in the most difficult circumstances. The campaign aims to highlight leaders who are making a difference and inspire hope by showing the limitless potential for impact.

Award Categories

  • Creative Award: This award recognizes remarkable campaigns that have mobilized action towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through exceptional creativity. These campaigns have demonstrated tangible results in changing behaviours, public perceptions, and policies, with the aim of fostering more sustainable, fair, and peaceful societies as envisioned by the SDGs. By effectively utilizing creative mediums such as music, art, poetry, digital content, multimedia, theatre, documentaries, dance, street art, or any other innovative form of expression, these initiatives have advanced the SDGs and advocated for human rights.
  • Impact Award: This accolade honours outstanding endeavours that have made significant, measurable contributions to enhancing people’s lives and hastening progress towards SDG fulfilment by employing innovative strategies to address current challenges. The impact is evidenced by notable enhancements in knowledge, skills, empowerment, inclusivity, behaviours, health, and living conditions. The impact of these initiatives can be gauged through various indicators spanning economic, sociocultural, institutional, environmental, and technological realms.
  • Changemakers Award: This category spotlights remarkable individuals who have sparked positive change within their communities and societies. Whether they are visible catalysts for transformation or unsung heroes working diligently in the background, changemakers envision a better future and take concrete actions, often in collaboration with others, to bring about the envisioned change. They advocate for equality, justice, and human rights, leading initiatives that reshape our world and align with the SDGs. Changemakers can be nominated by others or self-nominated for their impactful contributions.


  • Participation in the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony and Finalist Induction Programme: A designated representative from each finalist project will have the opportunity to attend the UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony and Finalist Induction Programme held in Rome, Italy, in October 2024. The one-day Induction Programme in Rome includes engaging workshops, skill-building sessions, and networking activities ahead of the prestigious UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony, where the winners are announced and celebrated. Travel and accommodation expenses for this event will be covered by the UN SDG Action Campaign.
  • Global Exposure: Finalists and winners will benefit from international recognition and visibility across various UN platforms and beyond, showcasing their initiatives to a global audience.
  • Personalized Award: Each winner and finalist will be presented with a distinctive trophy as a token of their achievement and recognition.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the 2024 UN SDG Action Awards, campaigns and initiatives must provide tangible evidence of their achievements.
  • Only projects that have been implemented within the past three years will be considered for the various categories. This means that initiatives in the early planning or conceptualization stages are not eligible.
  • While initiatives led by United Nations entities and national governments will not be eligible for the main awards. They may be acknowledged with honourable mentions.

Evaluation Criteria


  • What is the measurable and tangible impact of the campaign or initiative in enhancing people’s lives and advancing the SDGs?
  • A successful impact is characterized by quantifiable outcomes such as changes in behavior, and public perception. And the influence it has on public policies and budget allocations to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs.
  • A successful impact also signifies significant improvements in social, economic, and environmental conditions. Including but not limited to gender equality, health, capacity development, inclusivity, economic stability, food security, climate adaptation and mitigation, environmental protection, and peace.

Novelty/Innovative Approach

  • How innovative is the campaign or initiative? How does it build upon a pioneering idea? What sets its approach apart in terms of innovation?


  • How does this campaign or initiative demonstrate the potential for scaling up or replication in different contexts to expedite the achievement of the SDGs? Has it already been successfully scaled up or replicated?

How To Apply

Please ensure that you apply or submit your nomination before Monday, 17 June 2024. In order to apply for the Creativity or Impact category. Or to nominate yourself or someone else as a Changemaker, please complete all sections of the application or nomination form. Remember that you can save and make edits to your application or nomination before submitting it. Once you submit the application or nomination, you will no longer have the ability to view or make further changes to it.

Click here to apply.

Visit the official website of the United Nations (UN) SDG Action Awards  for more information.

Application Deadline

June 17, 2024.



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