6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa 2024 (Funded)

Applications for the 6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa, are now open, with the theme ‘Making knowledge policy-relevant: The SSH’s role in global sustainable development’.

6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa
6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School in African Studies and Area Studies in Africa

This Summer School is held by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the Centre for African Studies in Basel (CASB). It is generously supported by the Oumou Dilly Foundation (Switzerland), which is organized in collaboration with CODESRIA with the goal of fostering stronger ties between the African Studies community in Switzerland and the CODESRIA community of researchers.

6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School – Details

The Summer School’s main goal is to promote and strengthen multidisciplinary methods of research conducted from Africa, not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world.

Inquiring about the applicability of the findings to African approaches to other regions, it focuses on African Studies as an example of area studies and looks for themes that are theoretically, conceptually, and methodologically relevant to the reflection on the intellectual challenge of Africa as an “object” of knowledge and its contribution to general scholarship.

6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School in African Studies – Benefits

  • Participants will be provided with travel allowance, accommodation and meals from African Institutions during the Summer School

Eligibility Requirements for 6th CODESRIA-CASB Summer School

  • The 6th CODESRIA/ZASB Summer School is accepting applications from doctoral students who would like to explore. These issues as part of a larger framework of engaging with methodological challenges in African Studies.
  • Early career scholars and PhD students at Higher Education institutions on the African continent are welcome to apply. With preference going to those who are in their first or second year of enrollment.
  • Students working in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: Social Anthropology, Sociology, History, Religion, Philosophy, Gender Studies, and Political Science.
  • Swiss university applicants are also encouraged to apply.

Application Procedure:

Applications must contain the information and documents listed below:

  • A letter of motivation or application that clearly outlines your approach to the problem of “objectivity” in the social sciences and humanities. Taking into account local practices in Africa and beyond.
  • A five-page concept paper outlining your expectations for the Summer School, what you are working on, and how your work ties to the theme.
  • A comprehensive resume
  • For early career researchers, one letter of recommendation from the candidate’s PhD supervisor or affiliated institution.
  • A copy of their passport
  • A copy of their PhD registration documentation from a Swiss or African university (for PhD students). A copy of the doctoral certificate for scholars in their early careers.

Note: Applications that are not complete may not be accepted.

Qualified Candidates can submit their proposals using this link: https://submission.codesria.org

For More Information, Visit the Official page of the CODESRIA/CASB Summer School at https://codesria.org/6th-codesria-casb-summer-school-in-african-studies-and-area-studies-in-africa/

Application Deadline:

31st May 2024.



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