Binance Executive Escapes Detainment in Nigeria

Binance executive escapes detainment in Nigeria according to several reports. One of the two Binance executives who were detained by the Office of Nigeria’s National Security Adviser has allegedly managed to escape.

Binnacle Executive Escapes Detainment

Binance Executive Escapes Detainment

Nadeem Anjarwalla, Binance’s regional manager for Africa, reportedly escaped from a guest house in Abuja on Friday, March 22, 2023. He had been detained along with Tigran Gambaryan by the Nigerian government since February 26, 2024, for nearly a month.

According to reports, Anjarwalla escaped while being led to a nearby mosque to pray. It’s believed he left the country via a Middle East Airliner, although it remains unclear how he managed to do so without his seized British passport.

Both Anjarwalla and Gambaryan were detained in a comfortable guest house with access to phones and the internet. Despite this, their families have called for their release, asserting their innocence.

Anjarwalla’s Wife Appeal to the Federal Government for Her Husband’s Release

Anjarwalla’s wife, Elahe Anjarwalla, expressed her hope for his release, especially since they were anticipating his presence for their son’s upcoming first birthday.

“I am once again asking from the bottom of my heart that the Nigerian authorities please allow him and Tigran to return home whilst they continue their discussions with Binance. I am also calling on the British and Kenyan governments to do more to get Nadeem back home to us,” she stated.

Yuki Gambaryan, the wife of Gambaryan also stated, “Tigran is globally recognized for his work in law enforcement and many of his peers would say that Tigran’s continuous efforts are what keep cryptocurrencies safe and clean. Please let him come home to continue this good work.”

The Nigerian Government Has Requested Data on Binance’s Top 100 Users

The Nigerian government has requested data on Binance’s top 100 users from the last six months, but the company has not yet complied with this directive. Additionally, a court has ordered Binance to provide this data to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

What the EFCC Thinks About Binance’s Operation in Nigeria

According to EFFC’s lawyer, Ekele Iheanacho, there are concerns about criminal activities associated with Binance’s operations in Nigeria. Binance’s refusal to comply led to the court extending the detention of Nadeem and Gambaryan for another 14 days to prevent tampering with evidence.

The Charges Against Binance

The charges against Binance, Gambaryan, and Nadeem include offering services to Nigerians without registering with the Federal Inland Revenue Service to pay taxes and providing crypto trading services without adding VAT.

Following allegations that Binance contributed to the decline of the naira value due to bad actors on its platforms, Binance has ceased P2P trading and all naira-related services.

Representatives of the Families of the Detainees Have Acknowledged Inquiries for More Information About Nadeem’s Escape

Representatives of the families of the detainees have acknowledged inquiries for more information about Nadeem’s escape.

A Binance spokesperson has also addressed the issue, stating that they are aware Nadeem is no longer in Nigerian custody and are focused on ensuring the safety of their employees while working with Nigerian authorities to resolve the matter quickly.



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