5G User Percentage of Nigeria’s Active Mobile Subscribers Increase to 1.24%

Do you know about the 5G user percentage of Nigeria’s active mobile subscribers increase to 1.24%? Well, in case you don’t know, you should. And in this post, every piece of vital information will be shared.

Nigeria’s Active Mobile Subscribers Increase

Nigeria’s Active Mobile Subscribers Increase

In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, Nigeria has seen significant strides in the adoption of 5G technology. With major players like MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, and Mafab Communications leading the charge, the country has witnessed a notable increase in 5G penetration over the past couple of years.

Overview of 5G Growth

Since the launch of MTN Nigeria’s 5G network in September 2022, the adoption of 5G technology has been on the rise. According to the latest industry statistics report from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), released on April 24, 2024, 5G penetration has reached 1.24% in the country.

Progression Over Time

The journey of 5G adoption in Nigeria has been marked by steady growth. As of December 2023, 5G penetration stood at 1.04%, marking a significant increase from its inception. Subsequent months saw a continued upward trend, with penetration reaching 1.11% in January 2024 and further climbing to 1.18% in February 2024.

Network Coverage Overview

While 5G is making strides, it’s important to note that 2G remains the network with the largest coverage in Nigeria, standing at 56.97%. Following behind is 4G, covering 32.74% of the population, while 3G lags behind at 9.04%.

Growth in Mobile Subscribers

Alongside the expansion of 5G technology, Nigeria has also witnessed growth in its mobile subscriber base. According to the NCC report, the number of active mobile subscribers increased by 2,142,142. As of December 2023, the total number of active mobile subscribers stood at an impressive 224,713,710.

Starlink’s Presence in Nigeria

In addition to the developments in 5G technology, an interesting tidbit from the newsletter sheds light on Starlink’s presence in Nigeria. Despite being primarily known for its satellite-based internet services, Starlink surprisingly ranked fourth in terms of active subscribers among Nigeria’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as of Q3 2023.


The rise of 5G technology in Nigeria reflects the country’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure.

With continuous advancements and increasing penetration rates, Nigeria is poised to further leverage the potential of 5G technology to drive innovation and connectivity across various sectors.

As the nation continues on this trajectory, it is expected that 5G will play an increasingly integral role in shaping Nigeria’s digital future.



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