Sigma Reveals New Prime Lens For Major Players Except for Canon

Sigma reveals new prime lens for major players in the industry except for Canon. For many camera fans out there, it’s currently raining new prime lenses.

Sigma Reveals New Prime Lens

Sigma Reveals New Prime Lens

Currently, sigma has now taken the wraps off many exciting new prime lenses for many of the major mirrorless camera systems, except for canon.

This very news is for anyone looking for a bright and affordable prime lens for street or portraiture. And the answer is Sigma’s new pair of Contemporary series lenses. Both the 17mm f/4 DG DN ($599 / £549) and 50mm f/2 DG DN ($639 / £619) are full-frame lenses that are crafted for the E-mount by Sony and the L-mount by Panasonic and Leica cameras.

And if you are a proud owner of a crop-sensor camera from Sony, Panasonic, or Fujifilm, then the new 23mm f/1.4 DC DN which is priced at $549 / £449 could be a great option for you. Sporting a full-frame equivalent focal length of 35mm, it just could be the ideal walkaround lens for family, street, or even portrait shooting, particularly in the event that you shoot in low light at most times.

Nikon Owners Have Not Been Left Out Of the Prime Lens Frenzy

Nikon owners have not been left out of the prime lens frenzy either, as Sigma has previously announced a trio of new APS-C Contemporary lenses for the Nikon Z system, and right now it has now revealed the pricing as well as the availability for the 16mm  f/1.4 DC DN, 30mm f/1.4 DC DN and 56mm f/1.4 DC DN. All three reported lenses will be available for purchase starting from April 21.

The importance of the Sigma lenses above is that they are the initial ones the company designed and made for the Nikon Z system, they may just be designed for the APS-C cameras such as the Nikon Zfc, Nikon Z30, and Nikon Z50, rather than the bust full frame cameras on the other hand, but that gets to leave the closed RF-mount system by canon looking kind of isolated.

The Best Canon Cameras Available Are Not Exactly Short Of High-Quality Glass

The best Canon cameras out there are not exactly short of high-quality glass, but the arrival of the more affordable primes such as the ones from Sigma shows the importance of owning a mount that is open to third-party manufacturers.

It is that Canon may not be opening up its mounts such as Sigma and Tamron yet, but their fans for today can only look on as owners of Panasonic, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony cameras get various keenly-priced new lenses to select from.



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