Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program 2024

The Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator program aims to nurture 15-20 technology startups with MVP stage solutions that address women’s healthcare and wellness challenges in their communities. The program provides intensive support through a curriculum focused on growth and scaling.

Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program 2024
Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program 2024

Selected participants in the Women’s Health Accelerator receive strategic mentorship, entrepreneurship training, one-to-one sessions, and various benefits and services from partners. The Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program for 2024 is a collaboration between Flat6Labs and Organon, aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions in women’s health.

This accelerator program spotlights the unique challenges and opportunities in women’s health, providing a platform for visionary women founders to develop impactful ventures that improve access to care and enhance women’s well-being globally. It focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector by fostering innovation and addressing critical challenges in women’s health.

The program encourages the development of innovative solutions in areas like reproductive health, maternal care, mental health, and chronic diseases to improve healthcare access, affordability, and quality for women worldwide.


The deadline for applications is May 16, 2024.

Area of Focus of Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program

Here are the focus areas:

  • Family Planning: This includes technologies to improve contraception counselling and education, as well as raising awareness of available tools and options.
  • Fertility Planning: We’re looking for solutions related to IVF mental health support and counselling.
  • Women’s Wellness: This involves innovations in self-care, maternal care, disease prevention, and menstrual health.


Once you’re chosen to be part of the Women’s Health Accelerator, you’ll get:

  • Strategic mentorship
  • Entrepreneurship-focused business training
  • One-on-one subject matter sessions
  • Various perks and services from partners
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Top-notch mentorship
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Commercial support
  • Perks and discounts
  • Program events and activities
  • Pitch practice and pitch night
  • Demo day
  • Assistance with market expansion

Eligibility Criteria of Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Women’s Health Accelerator Program:

  • You must commit fully to the 3-month virtual program.
  • Your startup should use innovative technology for women’s health.
  • Your project should address a market gap and have potential for scalability.
  • All members of your startup team should have relevant expertise.
  • You should plan to fully dedicate yourself to the company if it succeeds after the program.
  • You should have ambitions to expand your business globally.
  • Your startup should focus on finding solutions in one of our target sectors.

How to Apply for Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program

To apply, just visit the official website at https://www.flat6labs.com/program/womens-health-accelerator-program/. Check the eligibility criteria, fill out the online application form, and submit your application.

Tips for Successful Application for Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program

  • Clearly articulate the problem your startup is solving in women’s health.
  • Highlight the unique value proposition and market potential of your product/service.
  • Showcase a strong, committed team with relevant expertise.
  • Demonstrate traction or early validation of your solution.
  • Be concise yet comprehensive in your application materials.


The Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program 2024 represents a significant opportunity for women-led startups to make a tangible impact on women’s health while gaining essential support, resources, and mentorship to scale their ventures. Interested entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply and join this transformative journey in healthcare innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can startups from any country apply?

Yes, the program is open to startups globally, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Is there any cost associated with applying or participating?

No, there is no cost to apply or participate in the accelerator program.

Will startups retain ownership of their intellectual property (IP)?

Yes, startups retain ownership of their IP throughout the program and beyond.



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