The eTrade for Women Advocates – Call for Women Entrepreneurs Nominations

The call for Nominations is now open for eTrade for Women Advocates. Qualified Candidates can click on the application link given below this page to apply to become an Advocate!

The eTrade for Women Advocates

The eTrade for Women Advocates are prominent and accomplished female businesswomen who are dedicated to closing the gender gap. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s Secretary-General appoints the Advocates.

They serve as inspiration and pioneers for female digital entrepreneurs worldwide. They also share their vision and bring the voice of women to the front, to amplify their impact at the regional and global level.

eTrade for Women Communities

eTrade for Women Communities creates networks of female digital entrepreneurs who are dedicated to changing the world and are based in underdeveloped nations and transitioning economies. They provide them with a special chance to become part of a worldwide platform where they can be heard and a network of other like-minded female entrepreneurs.


eTrade for Women blends the benefits of digital technologies with the transformative force of women entrepreneurs.

To help these female digital entrepreneurs from developing nations succeed as company leaders and become significant voices in the public policy discourse, the organization provides support.

Requirements for eTrade for Women Advocates

To be considered for the eTrade for Women Advocates;

  • Prospective Candidates must be highly successful and influential women entrepreneur
  • Should be the founder of an e-commerce or digital business
  • Be resident in one of the following regions: South Asia, South-East Asia, Francophone Africa, Anglophone Africa
  • Must be willing to inspire others and make a positive impact on their ecosystem

Nominations for the eTrade for Women Advocates

Visit the nomination link below to nominate an inspiring woman entrepreneur to become the next eTrade for Women Advocate

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the eTrade for Women Advocates is set at 29 February 2024.

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