Nominations open for World Food Prize 2024 | How to Apply Now

Nominations open for World Food Prize 2024. The World Food Prize, a renowned international accolade honouring remarkable accomplishments in enhancing the quality, quantity, and accessibility of food on a global scale, has officially initiated the nomination process for the 2024 edition.

Nominations open for World Food Prize 2024
Nominations open for World Food Prize 2024

This article offers an overview of the nomination procedure, essential details, and guidance for a successful application.


Nominations for the World Food Prize 2024 must reach the committee by (1 May 2024). It is crucial for nominators to strictly adhere to this deadline to ensure due consideration for their candidates in this esteemed recognition.

Funding Amount

The World Food Prize is a $250,000 award formally presented at the Laureate Award Ceremony in mid-October, on or around World Food Day.


The nomination process for the World Food Prize 2024 offers several significant benefits, underscoring the importance of acknowledging and celebrating exceptional contributions to global food security. These advantages include:

  • Global Recognition:

Successful nominees garner international acclaim for their outstanding efforts in enhancing the quality, quantity, and accessibility of food worldwide.

  • Monetary Award:

The World Food Prize features a monetary award for the chosen laureate, providing tangible acknowledgment for their substantial contributions.

  • Networking Opportunities:

Laureates enjoy unparalleled chances to connect with influential leaders, experts, and organizations in the fields of agriculture and food security.

  • Increased Visibility:

Being honored with the World Food Prize elevates the visibility of the laureate and their work.

  • Collaborative Ventures:

The recognition from the World Food Prize opens avenues for collaborative ventures with like-minded individuals and organizations.

  • Opportunity for Continued Impact:

The acknowledgement from the World Food Prize acts as a catalyst for sustained impact.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Demonstrated Impact:

Nominees must showcase substantial and enduring contributions to global food security, with measurable positive impacts on the quality, quantity, and accessibility of food.

  • Individuals and Organizations:

Both individuals and organizations are eligible for nomination, as the World Food Prize recognizes achievements across various sectors such as agriculture, research, policy, technology, and grassroots initiatives.

  • Alignment with Food Security:

Contributions should align with the prize’s commitment to addressing challenges in food security. Nominees’ efforts should reflect a dedication to sustainable and ethical advancements in the field.

  • Global Reach:

Nominees’ work should have a global impact, highlighting efforts that transcend regional or national boundaries to address food security on an international scale.

  • Multidisciplinary Approaches:

The World Food Prize welcomes nominations embracing a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating diverse strategies to enhance food security, including but not limited to innovation, research, policy development, and community-based initiatives.


  • Purely Commercial Focus:

Projects or individuals primarily focused on purely commercial endeavors without a significant community development component may be deemed ineligible for the World Food Prize.

  • Harmful Agricultural Practices:

Contributions promoting harmful agricultural practices that negatively impact the environment, communities, or long-term food security may render projects or individuals ineligible.

  • Misalignment with SDGs:

Nominees whose work does not align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly those related to food security, may be considered ineligible.

  • Lack of Ethical Considerations:

Projects or individuals that lack ethical considerations in their contributions to food security, including issues related to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, may be ineligible.

  • Failure to Meet Guidelines:

Nomination submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines provided by the World Food Prize may be considered ineligible. It is crucial for nominators to carefully follow the outlined criteria and submission requirements.

How to Apply

To apply for the Nominations Open for World Food Prize 2024, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official World Food Prize Website:

Access the official website of the World Food Prize to find detailed information about the nomination process, guidelines, and necessary forms. The official website is the primary source for up-to-date and accurate information.

  • Review Guidelines:

Thoroughly review the guidelines provided on the official website for the nomination process. Understand the specific criteria, expectations, and requirements that nominees must meet to be eligible for consideration.

  • Prepare Nomination Package:

Develop a comprehensive nomination package that includes detailed information about the nominee’s achievements, impact, and relevance to food security. Ensure the package adheres to the guidelines provided.

  • Gather Required Documentation:

Ensure you have all the necessary documentation as specified in the World Food Prize guidelines. This may include the nominee’s curriculum vitae, endorsements from reputable individuals or organizations, and supporting evidence of the impact of the nominee’s work on food security.

  • Submit Nomination:

Follow the instructions provided on the official World Food Prize website for submitting the nomination. This may involve completing an online form or submitting physical documents through a specified process.

  • Stay Informed About Deadlines:

Be aware of the nomination submission deadlines for the World Food Prize. Check the official website regularly for updates on nomination cycles and submission timelines.

  • Contact World Food Prize Authorities:

If you have specific questions or need clarification, contact the World Food Prize authorities through the contact information provided on the official website. They can provide assistance and guidance throughout the nomination process.

  • Adhere to World Food Prize Guidelines:

Ensure strict adherence to the guidelines provided by the World Food Prize. This includes providing accurate information, following the submission process, and submitting all required documents within the specified deadline.

Documentation and Requirements

Nomination packages typically necessitate detailed documentation, including but not limited to:

  • A comprehensive nomination letter outlining the nominee’s achievements.
  • Endorsements from reputable individuals or organizations.
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  • Supporting evidence of the impact of the nominee’s work on food security.

Tips for a Successful Application

  • Clearly articulate the nominee’s contributions to food security, emphasizing impact and relevance.
  • Provide concrete evidence of positive outcomes resulting from the nominee’s work.
  • Ensure that all documentation is accurate, well-organized, and effectively supports the nomination.
  • Obtain endorsements from credible individuals or organizations familiar with the nominee’s work.


The World Food Prize 2024 offers a unique opportunity to recognize and celebrate individuals or organizations that have significantly contributed to global food security. Nominators are encouraged to carefully follow the guidelines, submit compelling nominations, and contribute to acknowledging the vital efforts addressing one of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Frequently asked questions

Is there an age limit for nominees?

The World Food Prize generally does not specify an age limit for nominees. Eligibility centers around the significant and enduring contributions made to global food security.

How can I measure the impact of the nominee’s work on food security?

Clearly articulate in the nomination package how the nominee’s work has made noteworthy and enduring contributions to enhancing the quality, quantity, and accessibility of food globally.



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