Call for Nominations: WISE Prize for Education | How to Apply Now

The WISE Prize for Education stands as a distinguished recognition, honoring individuals or teams for outstanding contributions to education.

WISE Prize for Education
WISE Prize for Education

This prestigious award, presented by the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), seeks to celebrate those who have significantly advanced in addressing global educational challenges.


Nominations for the WISE Prize for Education usually have a specified deadline(15-Mar-24).Potential nominators must be aware of this deadline to ensure their submissions are considered. The deadline may vary each year, so it is advisable to regularly check the official WISE website for the most up-to-date information.

Funding amount

Each finalist will receive US$100,000 – 150,000 and will benefit from tailored support and guidance in the lead-up to the WISE12 Summit in 2025, when the winning solution will be revealed. The WISE Prize for Education, with a prize of USD1 million, is a conditional grant in which WISE will obtain naming rights over the winning solutions.


The WISE Prize for Education’s call for nominations brings a host of advantages for nominees and the broader educational community. Here are the key benefits:

  • Global Recognition:

Individuals chosen for the WISE Prize for Education attain international acknowledgement for their exceptional contributions to education. This recognition extends beyond personal achievements to showcase innovative approaches and solutions to global educational challenges.

  • Financial Support:

Awardees not only receive acknowledgement but also gain financial support as a token of appreciation for their dedication and positive impact on education.

  • Networking Opportunities:

Recipients have the chance to engage with a global network of education leaders, policymakers, and innovators. This creates a platform for collaboration, the exchange of best practices, and the formation of partnerships contributing to global educational advancement.

  • Participation in WISE Summit:

The WISE Prize for Education includes an invitation for recipients to take part in the WISE Summit, a significant gathering of thought leaders and change-makers in education worldwide. Participation allows awardees to contribute to discussions, share insights, and actively shape the future of education.

  • Contribution to Sustainable Change:

Recognition through the WISE Prize for Education underscores sustainability. Awardees’ contributions are acknowledged not only for their immediate impact but also for their potential to bring about lasting positive change in the field of education.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for WISE Prize for Education nominations typically include:

  • Impact on Education:

Nominees should have a proven record of significant and positive impact on education, demonstrating innovative solutions to educational challenges.

  • Sustainability:

The contributions should show sustainability and the potential for lasting positive effects in the field of education.

  • Global Reach:

Nominees’ work should have a global reach, addressing challenges on an international scale.

  • Alignment with WISE Values:

Nominees should align with the values and mission of WISE, focusing on promoting innovation, collaboration, and positive change in education.


Certain factors may render a nomination ineligible. Common reasons for ineligibility may include:

  • Lack of Impact:

Nominations that do not showcase a significant impact on education may be considered ineligible.

  • Limited Reach:

Contributions that are primarily local or regional, without a broader global impact, may not meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Misalignment with WISE Values:

Nominees whose work does not align with the values and mission of WISE may be deemed ineligible.

How to Apply

Nominate an individual or team for the WISE Prize for Education by following these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website:

Access the official WISE website or go to the dedicated page for the WISE Prize for Education. Make sure you use the most current and official information. [WISE Prize for Education](

  • Review Guidelines:

Carefully read the guidelines on the official website. Understand the objectives of the WISE Prize for Education, eligibility criteria, and the types of contributions they aim to honor.

  • Prepare Documentation:

Collect all necessary documentation needed for the nomination process. This usually includes a comprehensive nomination form, letters of recommendation, and evidence showcasing the nominee’s impact on education.

  • Complete Nomination Form:
Download the official nomination form from the website. Fill it out accurately, providing detailed information about the nominee’s contributions to education. Pay attention to specific instructions or formatting guidelines.
  • Prepare Supporting Documents:

Alongside the nomination form, gather supporting documents such as letters of recommendation and evidence demonstrating the nominee’s impact. These documents should bolster the case for the nominee’s significant contributions to education.

  • Submit Nomination:

Once the nomination form and supporting documents are ready, submit your nomination using the specified method outlined on the website. This might involve online submission or sending physical copies, depending on the nomination process.

  • Deadline Awareness:

Be mindful of the submission deadline. Ensure your nomination is submitted before the specified cutoff date to avoid exclusion, as late submissions may not be considered.

  • Contact Informationp:

For any questions or clarification during the nomination process, refer to the official website for contact information. This may include email addresses or phone numbers of program administrators who can assist you.

  • Confirmation of Submission:

Check for a confirmation of submission, if applicable. Some programs provide a confirmation email or reference number upon successful nomination. Keep this for your records.

  • Follow-Up:

After submission, periodically check for updates on the status of your nomination. The website may provide information on the evaluation process, announcement dates, or any additional steps you may need to take.

Documentation and Requirements

The documentation required for a WISE Prize for Education nomination may include:

  • Nomination Form:

A detailed form outlining the nominee’s achievements, impact, and contributions to education.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

Strong letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the nominee’s work and its impact.

  • Evidence of Impact:

Supporting evidence, such as data, case studies, or testimonials, demonstrating the tangible impact of the nominee’s contributions.

Tips for Successful Nomination

For a nomination to stand out and be successful, consider the following tips:

  • Comprehensive Information:

Provide detailed and comprehensive information about the nominee’s contributions, clearly showcasing their impact on education.

  • Clear Impact Assessment:

Include robust evidence and impact assessment, demonstrating how the nominee’s work has positively influenced education.

  • Alignment with WISE Values:

Highlight how the nominee’s contributions align with the values and mission of WISE, emphasizing innovation, collaboration, and positive change in education.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

Ensure that letters of recommendation are from credible sources who can attest to the nominee’s impact and dedication to education.

  • Global Perspective:

Emphasize the global reach and implications of the nominee’s work, showcasing its relevance on an international scale.


The WISE Prize for Education represents a significant acknowledgment of individuals or teams making substantial contributions to education globally. The call for nominations provides an opportunity to recognize and honor those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation in addressing the challenges of education. Nominators should carefully adhere to the guidelines, showcase the nominee’s impact comprehensively, and align their submissions with the values of WISE.

Frequently asked questions

What contributions does the award recognize?

The award recognizes contributions showcasing innovation and positive impact on education. This encompasses initiatives, projects, or approaches addressing challenges and contributing to global education improvement.

What happens after a nominee is selected for the award?

Awardees receive international recognition, financial support, and an invitation to participate in the WISE Summit. The award creates opportunities for networking, collaboration, and ongoing contributions to education.



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