Tano Digital Solutions Expands Operations into Kenya

Tano Digital Solutions, a prominent pan-African technology services provider, announced its expansion into Kenya, marking a significant milestone in its mission to become a leading force for digital trust across the continent.

Tano Digital Solutions Expands Operations into Kenya
Tano Digital Solutions Expands Operations into Kenya

Tano’s Commitment to Expanding its Footprint Across Africa

The company’s strategic move follows a trajectory of growth initiated in 2023 with the acquisition of Altron operations listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in Botswana and Mozambique.

During the official launch event held in Nairobi, CEO Wallen Mangere reiterated Tano’s commitment to expanding its footprint across Africa. He emphasized the company’s physical presence in Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and now Kenya, as pivotal to its overarching vision.

Mangere highlighted that Tano Digital Solutions’ entry into the Kenyan market aligns with its long-term investment strategy in the country’s digital ecosystem.

He outlined a comprehensive suite of IT solutions tailored for the Kenyan market, including cloud security management, data protection, firewall security management, telematics devices, Splunk, AWS solutions, and Check Point security software.

“We are dedicated to continually enhancing our solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the Kenyan market,” Mangere affirmed.

Investing in the Kenyan Workforce

In addition to its product offerings, Tano Digital Solutions underscored its commitment to investing in the Kenyan workforce.

Mangere emphasized the pivotal role of local talent and expertise in the company’s success and highlighted initiatives aimed at nurturing innovation among Kenyan professionals. “We are actively recruiting and investing in Kenyan professionals, fostering a culture of innovation,” Mangere stated.

“We believe in empowering the Kenyan youth and are committed to providing training and development opportunities to prepare them for successful careers in the digital world,” he added.

Tano Digital Solutions’ expansion into Kenya signifies a strategic move to bolster its presence in East Africa and underscores its dedication to driving digital transformation and fostering local talent across the continent.



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