Apple Reportedly Fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero Issue

Apple reportedly fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero issue. iPhones that are running iOS 17.2 with this new update from Apple will no longer crash when they are hot with a host of pop-ups from the Flipper Zero.

Apple Fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero Issue

Apple Fixes the iPhone’s Flipper Zero Issue

Apple has reportedly blocked a Bluetooth attack that was carried out with the Flipper Zero that in question sent a barrage of pop-ups to iPhones, and in the process causing them to lock up and even crash. While Apple has not announced the change formally, it seems that the company has rolled out a fix in iOS 17.2, as per tests from ZDNET and 9to5Mac.

What You Need To Know About the Attack and How It Worked

The attack in question, which enabled users to crash nearby iPhones that are running iOS 17.0, involved the Flipper Zero, which in case you don’t know is a tiny, jack-of-all-trades hacking device. A third-party firmware known as Flipper Xtreme included a feature that enabled the built-in Bluetooth radio of Flipper to blast an overwhelming number of Bluetooth alerts to several devices.

How to Stop the Attacks

Until this moment, the only way to stop the said attacks was to disable Bluetooth on the iPhone completely, but it however looks like Apple has addressed the vulnerability finally. When attempting to lock up an iPhone that is running iOS 17.2 with the Flipper Zero, both ZDNET as well as 9to5Mac found that only a couple of pop-ups appeared on the device. Luckily, the number of notifications was not enough to make the device crash.

How Apple Fixed the Issue

We still really don’t know just exactly what Apple did to make the said fix, but The Verge reportedly reached out to Apple with a request for more information on the matter, and to that end, we will update this article if we hear back. For the main time, though, it is best to update your iPhone to iOS 17.2 if it is that you haven’t already.




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