Cameroonian Authorities Concerned About the Effect of Starlink in the Region

Cameroonian authorities are concerned about the effect of Starlink in the region. Officials in Cameroon worry that Starlink coming into the market might pose a threat to Camtel, the national telecom and internet service provider.

Cameroonian Authorities Concerned About the Effect of Starlink

Cameroonian Authorities Concerned About the Effect of Starlink

During the recent launch of the Industry Maker Academy (IMA 2024), Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, expressed concerns about Camtel’s performance, stating that if it doesn’t improve, Starlink could surpass it. The minister also mentioned meeting with Starlink’s Africa Director, indicating ongoing discussions between Starlink and Cameroon.

“I have already met with Starlink’s Director for Africa, and we have informed them that the Cameroonian market is open but regulated. A license is required.”

African Countries to Impose Ban on Starlink

Several African countries, including Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, have imposed bans on Starlink citing licensing requirements. In December 2023, Ghana’s telecommunications authority declared Starlink illegal.

However, following a significant Internet outage in March 2024 affecting many African countries, the Ghanaian government reconsidered and is now contemplating granting Starlink an operational license.

Additional Concerns About Starlink

Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng has raised additional concerns about Starlink, including fraudulent commercial activities, potential exploitation of Starlink terminals, and risks related to personal data. These concerns contribute to the cautious approach taken by some African countries towards allowing Starlink’s operations within their borders.

“Protecting personal data is akin to how we protect ourselves and dress. Using new technologies without considering how information is protected and managed leaves you at the mercy of fraudsters,” Libom Li Likeng stated.

According to the report, the Minister also mentioned that she sent a note to Starlink a few days ago. She asked the company to stop providing access to Cameroonians until it obtains an official license. This move aims to “protect” the market amidst concerns about Starlink’s entry.

Starlink High-Quality Broadband Connectivity

Despite these concerns, Starlink is known for offering high-quality broadband connectivity. This as you should know could help mitigate issues related to fiber optic cable breakages. Traditional telecommunications companies like Camtel typically rely on cable or fiber optic infrastructure for their services.

Elon Musk’s Starlink has been gaining attention as it expands into Africa, already reaching over eight African countries. According to its website, Starlink plans to expand to more countries, including those where it has faced bans, by the third quarter of 2024.

The Demand for Starlink Across Africa

While Starlink has not yet been licensed in many African countries, it is sought after for its high-speed Internet and ability to provide connectivity even in remote areas, among other advantages.



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