Three Months after Declaring It Illegal, Ghana Considers Approving Starlink

Three months after declaring it illegal, Ghana considers approving Starlink. Ghana is currently contemplating the possibility of granting an operational license to SpaceX’s Starlink to offer internet connectivity services within the country.

Ghana Considers Approving Starlink

Ghana Considers Approving Starlink

During a recent meeting with parliament, Ursula Owusu Ekuful, Ghana’s Communication Minister, disclosed that the country is considering granting SpaceX’s Starlink an operational license to provide internet connectivity.

This consideration follows a directive from the National Communication Authority on December 7, 2023, which warned against the sales or services of Starlink devices without the necessary approvals.

Previously, Ghana’s telecommunications authority declared the sale and operation of Starlink illegal due to the provider’s failure to obtain the required license and approval. However, amidst a recent internet outage affecting many African countries, including Ghana, the government is reconsidering its stance.

The outage, caused by subsea cable damages, prompted the Chamber of Telecommunications to confirm its impact on mobile network operators, internet service providers, and subscribers.

Africa’s Recent Internet Outage

In response to the outage and the expected five-week repair period, the government is considering approving additional internet service providers. At the parliamentary meeting, Minister Ursula Owusu Ekuful indicated that Starlink is in the process of obtaining a license.

Additionally, Starlink reportedly informed government officials that its services would be available to high-end customers upon launch in Ghana.

Minister Ekuful also encouraged other internet providers to enter the country and suggested that existing ones consider subscribing to RASCOM, an organization providing telecommunications services across Africa. Starlink has updated its website’s availability map, indicating plans to launch its services in Ghana in the third quarter of 2024.

Starlink’s Launch in Several African Countries

Despite bans in Zimbabwe and Botswana, Starlink has already launched in several African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia. In Zimbabwe, the authority warned of arrests for individuals and businesses engaging with Starlink without proper licenses.

Similarly, Botswana’s authority banned Starlink for operating without the necessary approvals. However, Starlink’s website suggests plans to launch services in both countries in Q3 2024.



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